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A selection of personal injury, class action lawsuits and insurance cases* where our lawyers have successfully helped clients are listed below.

*Disclaimer: The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts and unique circumstances in each individual case. References to successful case results where the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have acted for clients are not necessarily a guarantee or indicative of future results.


John Cameron and Irina Kordic acted for SM who was injured in a car accident when she was just entering the workforce. The Court noted that the MVA was a significant turning point in the plaintiff’s life. It resulted in her having to quit her job at age 19 and move in with her mother and other relatives.  She was left with a sense of loss and despair.  Her self-confidence was significantly eroded.  Although she was initially able to keep working for more than a year after the MVA, her back pain reached the point where she could no longer work and she resigned from her job. After a trial in BC Supreme Court SM was awarded approximately $400,000 in damages.


Matthew Van Nostrand acted for the plaintiff in this case involving a plaintiff suffering from a soft tissue neck injury. The main issue involved a foregone work opportunity that was lost due to the plaintiff’s motor vehicle accident. The court awarded damages in the amount of $95,984.

Kevin Gourlay represented a client who was one of four people injured by a driver who lost consciousness and pressed the accelerator. The trial judge dismissed the case on the basis that the driver had an unexpected coughing episode. Kevin worked with appeal counsel who successfully overturned the lower court decision and awarded a new trial. The Court of Appeal found that the trial judge made a palpable (obvious) and overriding (significant) error in assessing the evidence of another passenger.  This case illustrates the lengths that Murphy Battista LLP will go on behalf of their clients.

Scott Stanley successfully represented the Plaintiff at trial. The Plaintiff was a cement truck driver who was unable to continue with his career after being involved in a car accident.  The Plaintiff’s damages were assessed at $600,000.

Scott Stanley and Stephen Gibson successfully represented the Plaintiff at trial. The Plaintiff was a lawyer who had the misfortune of being injured in multiple car accidents. The Plaintiff’s damages were assessed at $446,000.

Paul Bosco, Joe Battista, and Austin Paladeau represented Mr. Dunn following serious physical and psychiatric injuries that he sustained in a serious car accident. Mr. Dunn suffered a spiral fracture to the wrist which required multiple surgeries and left him in ongoing pain. He also suffered debilitating depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD. His injuries impacted all aspects of his life, including preventing him from continuing his work as an installer of high-end audio equipment, or doing any physical work in the future, which is what he had experience and training in. ICBC vehemently fought every single aspect of Mr. Dunn’s case. But the Court ultimately accepted Mr. Bosco’s, Mr. Battista’s, and Mr. Paladeau’s arguments, and awarded Mr. Dunn over $830,000, including over $500,000 towards his income earning capacity – over 1.5 times what ICBC offered before trial.

Scott Stanley and Mike Murphy successfully represented the Plaintiff at trial. The Plaintiff was a successful window washer who was struck by a vehicle while working on his ladder, causing him to fall to the ground and sustain a brain injury. The Defendant took the position that the Plaintiff and the strata he was working at were partially at fault for the accident, noting that the Plaintiff and the strata had not followed certain WorkSafeBC guidelines. The Court found the defendant driver to be 100% at fault and assessed the Plaintiff’s damages at $648,000.

Andrew Brine and Irina Kordic represented Ms. Beaudoin who sustained a neck fracture, multiple soft tissue injuries and psychological injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Ms. Beaudoin’s ability to work was the main issue at trial. Although she had gone back to work shortly after the accident, she did so while heavily medicated and in constant pain. She stopped working altogether about a year before trial. The court accepted the arguments of Mr. Brine and Ms. Kordic that Ms. Beaudoin was completely disabled and awarded $650,000 for her loss of capacity to work.  Ms. Beaudoin’s total award at trial was over $1,000,000 which was more than three times what she was offered to settle before trial.

Scott Stanley successful represented the Claimant in an arbitration with ICBC. The Claimant was a young chiropractor student from B.C. who was going to school in California. He had a valid B.C. license and was stopped by a police officer who wrongly told him he needed to get a California license. He applied for and obtained a California license even though he did not meet the residency requirements to obtain such a license. He was in a serious car accident in California and the negligent driver did not have enough insurance and the Claimant  needed to rely on his underinsured motor protection (UMP) which he had as a result of holding a B.C. license. ICBC denied his claim saying that the Claimant surrendered his B.C. license (and his UMP coverage) when he obtained the California license. The arbitrator found that he did not surrender his B.C. license and that he was entitled to his $1M of UMP coverage.

Matthew Van Nostrand and Keri Grenier acted for the plaintiff in this case involving a plaintiff suffering from chronic soft tissue injuries and post concussion-like symptoms. The main issue at trial revolved around the plaintiff’s loss of income earning capacity; she continued to earn steadily more income as a bookkeeper following the accident, but not to the extent she would have absent her injuries in the accident. The court ultimately found that Ms. Ogden’s ability to earn income was impacted, and awarded $432,419 in damages.

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