I have been practicing personal injury law since joining Murphy Battista in 2007, and I am currently the firm’s Managing Partner.

I have extensive trial experience that includes, complex injury cases, pre-existing conditions, catastrophic injuries resulting in permanent disabilities, and unique legal issues. I also act for victims in civil sexual assault cases.

As an experienced trial lawyer, I frequently represent clients at all levels of court in BC. However, I am also a firm believer in keeping my clients’ interests front and centre. I recognize that depending on the circumstances, and a client’s goals, court is not always the only or the best way to achieve the right result. In these situations, I have had considerable success helping clients resolve their cases through mediation and negotiation.

Years of practice experience dealing with a wide variety of injuries have taught me to explain medical evidence to insurance companies and courts effectively. I also have a pre-law background in accounting and business. This foundation combined with my knowledge of personal injury law means I can quickly understand and explain the full financial impact of an injury on my clients. As a wife and the mother of three children, I am also well aware of the ripple effects an injury to a loved one can have on caregivers and families both during recovery and into the future.

My clients describe me as professional, extremely knowledgeable, attentive to client needs, compassionate and skilled in the courtroom. Knowing that my clients feel protected and well taken care of is very important to me.

In addition to personal injury work, I also represent clients in other areas of the law, including wills and estates, and property disputes.

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex-Yugoslavia). In addition to offering legal services in English, I am fluent in Serbo-Croatian and speak passable German.


  • UBC Faculty of Law
  • UBC B.A.

Professional Associations

  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia


  • Serbo-Croatian
  • German



Disclaimer: The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts and unique circumstances in each individual case. References to successful case results where the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have acted for clients are not necessarily a guarantee or indicative of future results.

John Cameron and Irina Kordic acted for SM who was injured in a car accident when she was just entering the workforce. The Court noted that the MVA was a significant turning point in the plaintiff’s life. It resulted in her having to quit her job at age 19 and move in with her mother and other relatives.  She was left with a sense of loss and despair.  Her self-confidence was significantly eroded.  Although she was initially able to keep working for more than a year after the MVA, her back pain reached the point where she could no longer work and she resigned from her job. After a trial in BC Supreme Court SM was awarded approximately $400,000 in damages.


Andrew Brine and Irina Kordic represented Ms. Beaudoin who sustained a neck fracture, multiple soft tissue injuries and psychological injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Ms. Beaudoin’s ability to work was the main issue at trial. Although she had gone back to work shortly after the accident, she did so while heavily medicated and in constant pain. She stopped working altogether about a year before trial. The court accepted the arguments of Mr. Brine and Ms. Kordic that Ms. Beaudoin was completely disabled and awarded $650,000 for her loss of capacity to work.  Ms. Beaudoin’s total award at trial was over $1,000,000 which was more than three times what she was offered to settle before trial.

Irina Kordic and Paul Bosco represented a woman for injuries she sustained in a car accident. Prior to the accident, she suffered injuries in a significant workplace accident which led to chronic low back pain, depression, and anxiety, all of which caused her to require significant amounts of medication and be permanently partially disabled. The car accident caused her back injury and anxiety to worsen, and she became largely housebound and unable to work at all. ICBC argued her existing injuries and medication use, along with several other unfortunate events in her life, were the cause of her problems. The Court, however, accepted the arguments of Ms. Kordic and Mr. Bosco that the victim’s injuries, specifically her much-worsened anxiety, was a cause of her present issues and disability, and awarded 1.5 times what ICBC offered before trial.


Irina Kordic and Paul Bosco represented Ms. Nessar Ali, who suffered multiple injuries in a car accident, including a torn rotator cuff which required surgery, as well as emotional injuries. All aspects of Ms. Nessar Ali’s life were significantly impacted as a result of her physical and emotional injuries, including her ability to work and her ability to perform her housekeeping tasks. The court accepted the arguments of Ms. Kordic and Mr. Bosco that Ms. Nessar Ali was entitled to an award for pain and suffering, as well as an additional amount of money for lost housekeeping ability. On top of that, the court accepted their arguments that she was entitled to an amount of money for housekeeping that was performed by a friend as well as her daughter to date, and an amount of money for housekeeping into the future. ICBC argued against each of these, but the court rejected all of ICBC’s arguments on these points. In total, Ms. Kordic and Mr. Bosco obtained an award of almost $300,000 for Ms. Nessar Ali that was almost exactly three times the amount ICBC offered before trial.

Scott Stanley successfully represented the Plaintiff who was a hard working waitress who injured her back in a car accident. She was only able to work part time and Scott convinced the Court to compensate her for the days she could not work, including her tips. The total award to the Plaintiff was $332,000.

Scott Stanley and Irina Kordic acted for the Plaintiff in this proceeding involving an eye injury that occurred on September 12, 2007. The Plaintiff was helping the Defendant, Destiny Elizabeth Smith, with some renovations on her home and was being assisted by her adult autistic son, Kyle Alexander Keyes. The Plaintiff was not wearing safety glasses; knew the son was autistic; and asked the son to assist him.

The son was holding a board for the Plaintiff and moved unexpectedly while the Plaintiff was about to strike the board with a hammer. This caused the Plaintiff’s hammer to strike another piece of metal which resulted in a metal splinter entering the Plaintiff’s eye and the eventual loss of this eye.

The Plaintiff claimed that the Defendant, Destiny Elizabeth Smith, was liable for permitting her autistic son to work with the Plaintiff and for failing to warn him about the dangers of working with her autistic son.

The case went to trial on May 30, 2011 and was heard by a Judge and Jury. The jury found that the Defendant, Destiny Elizabeth Smith, was 20% liable for the injuries to Mr. Laurie.

Stephen Gibson and Irina Kordic represented the Plaintiff who was an injured pedestrian. In this case, the Defendant drove down a quiet, residential street, intending to pick up the Plaintiff who was standing in the middle of the road. As the Defendant drove towards the Plaintiff, he ultimately and unintentionally struck the Plaintiff with his vehicle. Liability was denied and the Defendant claimed that the Plaintiff was the author of his own misfortune for standing in the middle of the road. Liability was found in favour of the Plaintiff 100% because he reasonably expected the Defendant to stop short of where the Plaintiff was standing. The Plaintiff was likely to require a total knee replacement in his later years as a result of advancing arthritis, but he was retraining in a new profession as a sound engineer. The damages were awarded at $1,196,000.

Scott Stanley and Irina Kordic acted for the plaintiff in this proceeding involving a motor vehicle accident that occurred on October 8, 2003. The Plaintiff was struck from behind by another vehicle and alleged that he sustained a concussion and soft tissue injuries. The Plaintiff alleged that he experienced permanent cognitive and physical symptoms as a result of the injuries he sustained in the accident.

The Defendant denied that the Plaintiff sustained a concussion and further denied that he had any permanent cognitive or physical symptoms as a result of the accident.

The Plaintiff’s case went to trial on April 14, 2009 and was heard by a Judge and Jury.

The Jury awarded the Plaintiff $638,000 damages.

Stephen Gibson and Irina Kordic represented the Plaintiff who was 6 years old when he was struck by a motor vehicle and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Eight years after the accident, the Plaintiff’s mother sought assistance from the Defendant for medical benefits. The benefits were denied on the basis that the limitation period expired 2 years after the last payment made by I.C.B.C., despite the Plaintiff being a minor when the limitation expired. The Plaintiff alleged negligence against the adjuster, and bad faith against I.C.B.C. The Plaintiff was successful on a summary trial application by the Defendant to strike the Plaintiff’s claim, and the Defendant appealed. The Court of Appeal ruled that the Plaintiff’s claims would not be struck, and that they were permitted to proceed to trial on the basis that it was not plain and obvious that the Plaintiff was owed a duty of care to be informed of a lapsing limitation, or that the limitation date had expired. This was a novel finding of law in the area of potential negligence by an insurance adjuster in administering first party claims.


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Krystle Gaudreau

I cannot praise Irina Kordic and her paralegal Mikki enough for their exceptional care and support throughout my case. They always answered my calls promptly, patiently addressing every question and concern I had without ever seeming annoyed. They went above and beyond to ensure that I fully understood the legal process and what was happening with my case, which made everything so much less stressful for me to take in.

Their commitment to keeping me informed and involved every step of the way was truly remarkable. I highly recommend Irina Kordic to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Jody Vance

These are committed legal professionals who are willing to take on tough cases. They are representing me in my landmark SCoBC online harassment civil suit. (Google it).


Murphy & Battista LLP provided unwavering support during my injury rehabilitation and fought tirelessly for my future following my motor vehicle accidents. Lawyer Irina, alongside paralegals Avis & Claudel, delivered exceptional legal assistance.

Their timely responses and attention to detail were remarkable. Lawyer Irina’s expertise guided me through the complexities while prioritizing my recovery. Avis and Claudel’s meticulousness ensured no detail was overlooked, strengthening our case.

What sets Murphy & Battista LLP apart is their genuine compassion and commitment to securing a better future. They understood the challenges I faced and fought relentlessly on my behalf. Their clear communication and coordination provided reassurance throughout the process. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to my well-being extended beyond the legal realm.

Norm Sherry

Murphy Battista LLP is the best law firm you could have in your corner. Irina provided our family (myself and my mother) the most amazing, caring, and professional representation anyone could possibly have. Irina stood up for us, and helped us in every way possible, from meeting with us to discuss questions we had, to helping us navigate through the icbc claims process resulting from a horrible accident. Thanks to Irina, we received an amazing settlement, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for representation. Murphy Battista and Irina are the GREATEST.

Andrew Blount

Thank you, Andrew Brine, Jenny Chan, Sandy, Irena, and the rest of the team at Murphy Battista. It has been 7 years since I was injured and MB made it so that I could focus on healing while they took care of the legal end of things. I am quite happy with the outcome of my case and am very grateful for the compassion and the work they have put in along the way. Someone who I greatly respect referred me to this team saying “Murphy Battista are the best lawyers in BC” and I am grateful for the recommendation as they have been simply wonderful through the process. Thanks again. All the best! Andrew B

Nairena MacLellan

Irina Kordic, Managing Partner at Murphy Battista LLP, represented my father in a complex personal injury case after he sustained catastrophic injuries in an accident which left him permanently disabled. Ms. Kordic ensured that my father and I understood the complex legal processes occurring at each stage of his case. Ms. Kordic, along with Aaron Wadley (Rehab Coordinator) and Avis Shiu (Paralegal) worked with me to make sure my father received the ongoing support he needed as he adjusted to life post accident. Throughout the entirety of the case Ms. Kordic was a strong advocate for my father and worked tirelessly to secure a settlement that will help to support his ongoing complex care needs. I would highly recommend the services of Irina Kordic and all of the other professionals at Murphy Battista LLP who represented my father.

Alexandra Zarycka

Murphy Battista is an excellent law firm. I had the privilege of having Irina Kordic be my lawyer for my case. I am so very grateful for her work and help through it all, along with her assistant Avis Shiu and other workers Paul Bosco and Samir. They are helpful and professional. They know what they’re doing. I am happy with their service.

Biljana Lukic

My husband had Murphy Battista Law Group represent him for his Icbc case. Throughout the whole process they guided and assisted us with anything we needed. I would recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer. They are a very professional group and if you have an injury they will make sure you get the proper treatment and settlement for your claim. Thank you Murphy Battista Law Group and Irina Kordic especially. We wish you continuos business and best of luck

Karen Yang

Irina Kordic & Team = excellent

Diane Resetar

My mom had the good fortune to have Irina Kordic at Murphy Battista Law Firm, represent her in a personal injury claim. I had spoken to a few lawyers at other law firms but Irina was like a beacon in the night for us! She was so helpful and informative from the very first contact we had with her and remained that way throughout. Irina and Avis were always available to answer all questions along the way. I work in an industry that rehabs injured folk, and Murphy Battista did stand out from the start, and i was not let down in any way. Irina was professional, kind, knowledgable and amazing in all aspects of our dealings with her. Avis, always available when i needed any clarification/answers. There is no question in my mind, that Irina did the absolute best for my moms case and we are very happy with the outcome and are forever grateful for her and her teams expertise. Highly recommend Irina Kordic

Eunyoung Park

I was represented by Irina recently for an automobile accident injury. Honestly, I can’t say enough about how amazing and professional the staff are at Murphy Bautista! I would not hesitate to recommend Irina or the firm Murphy Battista to anyone who needs legal advice.

Ivona Lukic

I’ve had unfortunate slip and fall almost 6 years ago and have been dealing with Irina Kordic & Avis Shiu. From day one they have been amazing support, guidance and friendly voice in unknown. They were always available for me with any questions I had. Just about a week ago we managed to settle my case. Irina is very professional and I’d highly recommend her and Murphy Battista as your law firm if you need one.

Athena Stathis

Look no further! Had an amazing experience working with Murphy Battista LLP. Irina Kordic was the representative for my three year ICBC case. She was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. With her guidance and expertise, she managed to get me a massive settlement far exceeding my expectations. Beyond thankful for her services. I can confidently say, this is the best legal firm in town. Highly recommended!

una radoja

My family has had first hand experience with Irina Kordic at Murphy Battista over the last several years in relation to MVAs. Irina is solution-oriented, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, with first class courtroom skills. I would highly recommend Irina to anyone seeking a personal injury lawyer in BC.

Nadia Sherry

On November 15, 2014 I had a MVA. It was a single car accident on black ice. I sustained serious injuries. At the time, even though I was not at fault, I could not find a lawyer to accept my case since according to ICBC, it falls under Part 7 only and there was no settlement to fight for.

Years went by and I suffered dealing with more than a dozen of adjusters and the frustrations of not being able to receive the treatments I needed to recover. I was very patient, and I paid huge medical expenses out of my pocket, however, I lost my patience when the last adjuster threatened to close my file before the usual legal time. I became extremely stressed with this oppressive situation and I decided to see legal advice.

While I was surfing the net looking for the Canadian Bar Association, I noticed the link to Murphy Battista LLP, and I remembered that a friend of mine mentioned positive comments about dealing with one of their lawyers, Irina Kordic. I decided to contact her.

When I sent my first email, I was impressed with the professional efficiency of her assistant dealing with my request, even on the weekend. Without delay, Mrs. Kordic responded to me and in spite of the fact that she knew that my case was not entitled for a settlement, she graciously offered me a phone consult. After I explained to Mrs. Kordic my situation, she did not just stop at offering her professional comprehensive advice, but she also offered to take on my case and represent me in front of ICBC….at NO COST!!! I was in a state of disbelief…….not only that she gave me the consult I was hoping for, but she also exceeded my expectations by offering to take on my case for free. During the past four years, I did not find this exceptional professional and compassionate behaviour among any firm or with any lawyer.

The good news did not stop here……….Mrs. Kordic invited me to her office and she generously offered to meet with me in person and also to take from me two big files to review. I felt I was treated as a valued human being, something that I did not experience in relation to the ICBC case for the past four years. For the first time, I found a professional who offered me instantly respect, compassion, trust, and understanding.
Mrs. Kordic’s attitude and treatment gave me also hope, not as to win my case, but hope that there is a law firm that is interested not just in the business but in people as human beings.

As a mature professional who suffered many losses as a result of the MVA, it was important to me to find a lawyer who would listen to my story and coach me with sincerity and trust; in fact, this to me was even more important than whether I will be able to get my rights from ICBC or not.

I highly recommend approaching Mrs. Irina Kordic at Murphy Battista, if you ever have to deal with ICBC, right from day one. She is motivated, knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, a good listener, with a generous willingness to walk with the client the extra mile. She is proud of her commitment to her profession and that is why she practices and cherishes her human and professional ethics.

Stephanie Parrish

Working with Scott Stanley and Irina Kordic was the best decision I made after my accident. Throughout the whole process my family and I were so grateful to have them by our sides and now that our litigation is over I consider both of them to be friends and would highly recommend them to friends, family, and strangers alike.

Eric Batista

I’ve been working with Irina Kordic and her team (Avis Shiu & Samir Ibrahim) with regards to an Incident I was involved with and she has been great and supportive offering advice whenever I’ve needed it and trying to help me during this frustrating time, I would definitely recommend seeking her out if you want a compassionate and patient team. I feel with these 3 behind me my best interests are always looked after and anything extra I need is taken care of and looked after. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to seek out for help.

Being a passionate litigator, I frequently represent my clients in court, Provincial, Supreme and Appeal. However, I am a firm believer in putting my clients’ interests first and sometimes court is not the best way to achieve the right result. I have helped resolve many cases through mediation or negotiation.

Irina Kordic

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