Hazell v DoorDash Technologies Canada Inc.

Current Status

The Notice of Civil Claim, initiating this proposed class action, was filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on August 26, 2021.

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What is this claim about?

Murphy Battista LLP has filed a proposed class action against DoorDash Technologies Canada Inc. (“DoorDash”) concerning deceptive acts and unfair business practices in DoorDash’s advertisement and promotion of its services to consumers.

This proposed class action alleges that DoorDash made representations and omissions regarding the fees it charges consumers when they place an order for delivery using DoorDash’s mobile phone application (“DoorDash – Food Delivery”), or the DoorDash website (www.doordash.com). In addition to the advertised delivery fee, DoorDash also charges a service fee on delivery orders, as well as a small order fee (if the order subtotal is below $12) and a surge fee (if demand is particularly high at any given time). However, unlike the advertised delivery fee, these fees are not clearly advertised to consumers. None of these fees are charged when a consumer places an order for pick-up using DoorDash.

This proposed class action alleges that DoorDash made representations and omissions that were either intended to, or had the effect of, deceiving or misleading consumers regarding the true cost of DoorDash’s services. It is alleged that as a result of DoorDash’s representations, acts, and omissions, consumers paid a price higher than the price advertised to them for DoorDash’s services, were deceived into paying multiple fees for the same service, and were deprived of the ability to accurately compare the fees charged by DoorDash with the fees charged by other food ordering and food delivery platforms that do not engage in these deceptive acts and unfair business practices.

This proposed class action claims that DoorDash is liable pursuant to provincial consumer protection legislation, the federal Competition Act, and the law of restitution and seeks damages for Class Members, as well as injunctive and declaratory relief, including the disgorgement of the profits or revenues received by DoorDash as a result of its unfair and deceptive practices.

Who does the class action affect?

You are a class member in this proposed class action if you are a Canadian resident (excluding persons residing in Quebec) and you placed an order for delivery on DoorDash’s mobile application, DoorDash – Food Delivery, or on DoorDash’s website, www.doordash.com, while in Canada, between September 11, 2015 and the present (“Class Members”).

Who are the lawyers?

This class action is being pursued by a team of lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP, led by Scott Stanley and Elizabeth Emery.

What should I do if I have been impacted?

Please contact us by submitting the form below. A member of the legal team handling this action will contact you and you will be added to our database and kept apprised of developments.


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