I was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Canada as a child. I attended St. Thomas More Collegiate and went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Simon Fraser University in 1993. I attended the University of Alberta school of Law from 1994 to 1997 and completed the Canadian Securities Course during my final year of law school.

Upon being called to the Bar in 1998, I began my career by defending ICBC insurance files on behalf of ICBC.  However by 2002, my practice switched to a full contingent of representing plaintiffs in personal injury and insurance matters ranging from motor vehicle negligence to product liability. In 2002, I formed my own independent plaintiff practice and subsequently joined Murphy Battista in March of 2003 where I remain to this day.

I have resolved numerous major loss claims involving ICBC since joining the firm. I focus on acting for clients with traumatic brain injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, chronic pain, psychiatric injuries, and other trauma induced injuries. I have acted for people from all walks of life, ranging from doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, nurses, firefighters, police, students, children, teachers and all kinds of labouring positions. It is my belief that understanding a person’s job requirements and lifestyle are critical in evaluating their ongoing injuries and how it may affect their careers.  Representing young children adds an additional element of required expertise due to the need of analyzing future, unanticipated consequences of injuries.

I am currently a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia and have acted as an executive in past years. I am also a member of the American Association for Justice.  I enjoy traveling throughout the world and remain active playing competitive soccer. I was a member of a Canadian team that participates in a World Cup for lawyers on a bi-annual basis from 2000 to 2014.


  • University of Alberta Faculty of Law, 1997
  • Simon Fraser University B.Admin, 1993


Disclaimer: The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts and unique circumstances in each individual case. References to successful case results where the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have acted for clients are not necessarily a guarantee or indicative of future results.

Stephen Gibson and Alex Sayn-Wittgenstein successfully represented firefighter Aaron Gelowitz who suffered catastrophic injuries when he struck his head on a submerged tree stump after diving from shore into Williamson Lake. Mr. Gelowitz fractured his C6 vertebra and suffered an associated spinal cord injury. The claim alleged that the City of Revelstoke was partially liable for Mr. Gelowitz’s injuries. Among other things, Mr. Gibson and Mr. Sayn-Wittgenstein argued that the city failed to appropriately place and properly maintain signage warning against diving and advising of underwater hazards at the site where the accident occurred. Further, they argued that the city owed a duty of care to park users to warn of hazards associated with the use of park facilities, including hazards associated with water activities in the lake. After weighing the evidence, the court held that the city was negligent in failing to take reasonable steps to protect Mr. Gelowitz’s safety and should have done more. Justice Horsman found the city 35% liable for the injuries. The case is being appealed by the City with a hearing set for the fall of 2022.

Read the case: Gelowitz v. Revelstoke (City), 2022 BCSC 46

Media coverage of the case can be viewed at the links below.

Global News: Revelstoke 35% to blame after firefighter injured in lake dive, court finds

Surrey Now-Leader: Revelstoke found partly responsible in dive that left Surrey firefighter injured: lawsuit

Revelstoke Review: Man suing city, resort after diving incident resulting in serious injury

Infotel: Judge finds Revelstoke partly at blame after tourist seriously injured diving into lake

Canadian Underwriter: The case for tracking your risk advice


Scott Stanley and Stephen Gibson successfully represented the Plaintiff at trial. The Plaintiff was a lawyer who had the misfortune of being injured in multiple car accidents. The Plaintiff’s damages were assessed at $446,000.

Kevin Gourlay  and Stephen Gibson acted for a plaintiff who suffered persistent cognitive symptoms arising from a concussion / mild traumatic brain injury suffered in a 2014 motor vehicle accident. The defence disputed the nature of her injury and suggested it would only have a minimal impact on her ability to earn income. Counsel led evidence from family doctors, a physiatrist, a neuropsychologist, a physiatrist, a psychologist, and an occupational therapist in order to prove her injuries. The Court awarded the plaintiff damages of $428,272, including $140,000 for pain and suffering, $170,000 for lost future earning capacity, and $30,627 for future care.

Stephen Gibson and Scott Stanley acted for the plaintiff who had his ICBC claim dismissed as a result of the negligence of another lawyer at another firm. They were successful at trial, and the plaintiff was awarded damages of $175,000 against his former lawyer. Before coming to Stephen and Scott, the plaintiff had consulted with 46 lawyers who all refused to take the case. This is an example of the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP taking the necessary steps, that other lawyers cannot do or will not take, when it is in best interests of an injured person.

Stephen Gibson, Scott Stanley, and Brandon Souza acted for the plaintiff who suffered a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury that rendered her an incomplete quadriplegic. The plaintiff, an engineer, was driving across train tracks at a passive crossing when a train collided with the right side of her vehicle. The court found that Canadian National Railway Company was aware of insufficient sight lines and the dangerous nature of the specific railway crossing for many years prior to the accident and took no actions to ameliorate those risks. Despite the Plaintiff’s failure to stop at a stop sign at the railway crossing, Canadian National Railway Company was still found 60% at fault for the accident. The court awarded approximately $3,200,000 in damages.

Stephen Gibson represented the Plaintiff who was injured by a slide tackle during a recreational soccer game, by an unregistered, unidentified player from the opposing team. The rules of the game were stipulated in the registration documentation, which provided for a non-contact and no-slide tackling rule, which was unlike normal FIFA rules. The primary issue during the summary trial was whether the Defendants owed a duty of care to the Plaintiff, whether the Defendants fell below the standard of care, and whether the Plaintiff’s injuries were caused by the Defendants’ acts. The court ruled that the Plaintiff was sufficiently proximate to the Defendants to be owed a duty of care, that the Defendants fell below the standard of care by not ensuring all players were familiar with the modified rules of the game, and that the failure to inform all players of the modified rules, caused the unidentified player to slide tackle the Plaintiff. The Defendants were found to be 100% liable for the Plaintiff’s damages.

Stephen Gibson and Irina Kordic represented the Plaintiff who was in injured pedestrian. In this case, the Defendant drove down a quiet, residential street, intending to pick up the Plaintiff who was standing in the middle of the road. As the Defendant drove towards the Plaintiff, he ultimately and unintentionally struck the Plaintiff with his vehicle. Liability was denied and the Defendant claimed that the Plaintiff was the author of his own misfortune for standing in the middle of the road. Liability was found in favour of the Plaintiff 100% because he reasonably expected the Defendant to stop short of where the Plaintiff was standing. The Plaintiff was likely to require a total knee replacement in his later years as a result of advancing arthritis, but he was retraining in a new profession as a sound engineer. The damages were awarded at $1,196,000.

Stephen Gibson and Irina Kordic represented the Plaintiff who was 6 years old when he was struck by a motor vehicle and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Eight years after the accident, the Plaintiff’s mother sought assistance from the Defendant for medical benefits. The benefits were denied on the basis that the limitation period expired 2 years after the last payment made by I.C.B.C., despite the Plaintiff being a minor when the limitation expired. The Plaintiff alleged negligence against the adjuster, and bad faith against I.C.B.C. The Plaintiff was successful on a summary trial application by the Defendant to strike the Plaintiff’s claim, and the Defendant appealed. The Court of Appeal ruled that the Plaintiff’s claims would not be struck, and that they were permitted to proceed to trial on the basis that it was not plain and obvious that the Plaintiff was owed a duty of care to be informed of a lapsing limitation, or that the limitation date had expired. This was a novel finding of law in the area of potential negligence by an insurance adjuster in administering first party claims.


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Anik Tuason

Thank you Stephen Gibson. We are grateful to Stephen Gibson and his team for representing and supporting us through the horrific ordeal of dealing with a terrible car accident created by a drunk driver while we were on a family holiday. Stephen was knowledgable, always available and so personable that even our children know him on a first name basis. If we or anyone we know ever need a lawyer again.for anything, he will be the one we call.

Kyla DiMaggio

I can’t recommend Stephen Gibson and Murphy Battista enough. Mr. Gibson was kind and compassionate and fought for me every step of the way. His empathy, attention to detail and transparency made me feel safe and protected during the process. Hiring a lawyer can be very daunting, but I felt like I was in good hands with Mr. Gibson and Murphy Battista and that my case was important to them. I feel like they are an honest firm with a high level of integrity. I was referred by a friend of a friend who also had a good experience and I’m so glad I heeded that advice. I highly recommend Stephen Gibson!

Caitlin Yan

After a car accident, a close family friend referred me to work with Murphy Battista on my claim – specifically, with Stephen Gibson. This turned out to be an excellent suggestion. Since 2017, Stephen and his dedicated team have worked on my case diligently and professionally. I genuinely felt like “more than just an ICBC case” to the firm. Stephen ensured that I had everything I needed (OT’s, doctors and specialists, etc) and communicated throughout the entire process. I can’t thank Stephen enough for his tireless efforts which have resulted in a successful settlement. If you’re ever in need of legal counsel, this is the firm to choose!

Amanda Zimmer

Words cannot capture the feeling of knowing you’re in excellent hands when you feel exceptionally vulnerable. After my car accident, I was fortunate enough to have Stephen Gibson and his team working tirelessly for me while I focused on my health and recovery. I was taken seriously, shown compassion and understanding, provided sound advice and recommendations, and settled with the best possible outcome in my situation. Stephen and his team gave me peace of mind during a time that had so much uncertainty and for that I am forever grateful. I’m normally skeptical about anywhere that has 5 star google ratings, but I have to say that in this case, there’s no BS, these guys have 5 stars across the board, because they are the definition of 5 star service. I hope to never have to endure another personal injury situation again, however if that were ever to happen, I feel great comfort in knowing I could call Stephen Gibson at Murphy Battista in a heartbeat.

Jane Huang

After having a terrible car accident in 2014, my life suddenly changed dramatically and it would never be the same for me anymore, and I got really depressed. Luckily I had a compassionate lawyer, Stephen Gibson, from Murphy Battista helping me to deal with my lawsuit. He did not only work extremely hard for my lawsuit but also provided me great emotional support. During the years of my lawsuit, I became very anxious and worried, sometime even angry about things, Steve has always been very patient with my numerous questions and inquiries. He always responded my emails instantly and it made me feel that he really cares about his clients. I have a warm feeling that he has been always there supporting me which means a lot to me. I understand that Steve has done his best to help me to get the maximum financial outcome and I really appreciate him for all effort he put for my case. Also, I want to thank another lawyer Scott who also provided his assistance and support for my lawsuit. Thanks for other Murphy Battista staff who helped me with my case. I will strongly recommend Murphy Battista to other clients whoever need the services they could provide.

Sophia Yoon

I switched from another law firm to Murphy Battista to work with Stephen Gibson on my case. Throughout the many difficult years of receiving treatment and going in and out of hospitals, I can say that with Stephen on my side, he has handled and taken care of everything so that I could just focus on my health and recovery. I would highly recommend Stephen Gibson to anyone looking for a very kind, compassionate and successful lawyer to help you get the support you need going forward in your future. 5 stars plus another 5 stars for great communication, service and his great team.

Nathalie Brunette

I want to say thank you to Kevin Hide, Steven Gibson, Scott Stanley and crews for helping me with my ICBC case. I would recommend this law firm to everyone that’s needs a professional and caring law firm. Steven, I thank you for being there for me at the time when I needed you most. Scott, this was a very difficult situation for the extenuating circumstances that presented themselves, and they went above and beyond to ensure my interests were always at the forefront. I was amazed at how much Kevin Hikes had dug into my files, and how he was indeed putting his full attention to this matter, which realistically is a small dollar amount in the grand scheme of things, but all that didn’t matter to Kevin, his pride and focus was on getting me the best result he could under the circumstances… even though I was in an accident that was not my fault, Murphy Battista continued to cover the cost of my rehabilitation. Kevin’s explanation of the risks and consequences of going to court, and the costs associated, and the rewards I might expect from such a judgment and possible subsequent appeal, helped me better understand that I was in a very unique position, between a rock and a hard place. Kevin, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, after 4.5 years of this turmoil, your work and efforts got me the most I could expect under the unique circumstances that presented themselves, and for that I am truly grateful. You’re pride and focus helped me to write a final chapter in dealing with ICBC!

Jamie Carson

Simplicity- that’s the key word when working with Steve Gibson and his team at Murphy Batista. Steve truly cares about you and your needs. He makes the process simple and provides the confidence a client truly appreciates when dealing with a litigation. They are truly amazing.

Emily & Nghe Ly

I am so thankful that I had Steve to help me with my case. Him and his staff were so easy to deal with. I am so happy I chose Stephen Gibson from Murphy Battista to represent me! He really takes the time to listen to your concerns. Him and his staff were super helpful throughout my case (even before I decided to choose Murphy Battista he was kind enough to answer all my questions).

Thank you, Steve!

Ken MacDonald

My Name is Ken MacDonald. In 2014 I suffered a medical set back and felt that I wasn’t properly looked after. I consulted with Mr. Steve Gibson who took my case on and was very happy to do so. Steve took me under his wing and was always considerate to myself and my family. Steve and his assistant “Jenny Chan” who has to be the best in the City, were always considerate of what I was going through. It’s not an easy process to go through but they made me feel that I was in good hands always! Mr. Gibson did an incredible job and he put myself and my family back together again. The judge afterwards told me that I had one of the best legal lawyers in the City and I couldn’t have gone wrong. When she said that I was very proud of Steve for having him as my lawyer. If you think you have any type of medical legal problem,you will definitely be in the best of hands with Steve Gibson! Thanks Again Steve and Jenny!

Debbie Phillips

I have nothing but praise and admiration for Stephen Gibson and Joe Murphy at Murphy Battista. Their compassion and knowledge of pediatric head injury was instrumental in helping my son and daughter along their 10 & 11 year paths through rehabilitation, assessments and referrals to professionals. They were there to support and encourage us all along the way and feel more like family friends than legal counsel representing them. Highly recommend them and their staff to anyone looking for a professional and dedicated team.

Bettyanne Brownlee

After an accident I was fortunate to have J. Scott Stanley represent me in a civil claim. In every respect it was a successful experience. Since then, I have referred others to Scott/Murphy Battista and I also have had the opportunity to come to know the work of some of their other lawyers including Brian Brooke, Steve Gibson, Dianna Robertson and Alex Sayn-Wittgenstein. I hold Scott, these lawyers, and their firm in the highest esteem. In addition to being exceptionally skilled lawyers, they genuinely care about their clients and are dedicated to achieving the best results available in each and every case. Their dedication to their clients and taking into consideration every aspect of a person’s well-being is shared by their team of accomplished paralegals and other support staff. I encourage anyone who has been involved in accident in BC to contact Scott Stanley or any of the Murphy Battista lawyers.

Kristie Mendoza

Stephen Gibson was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He comes highly recommended!

It is my belief that understanding a person’s job requirements and lifestyle are critical in evaluating their ongoing injuries and how it may affect their careers.

Stephen Gibson

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