I have extensive experience representing plaintiffs in serious, complex personal injury claims, including medical malpractice and insurance disputes both at trial and on appeal. I also have expertise handling complex commercial litigation, construction law disputes, and representing plaintiffs in class action lawsuits.

In addition to my courtroom experience, I have many years of expertise advocating for clients involved in mediation and arbitration. I was honoured to have been appointed a Queen’s Counsel in December 2018. My effective representation of clients includes taking cases to trial for people who have sustained brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether my clients need help negotiating a compensation claim or taking the matter forward to trial, my knowledge and ability as an advocate have produced positive outcomes for my clients.

I work out of the firm’s Vernon office along with paralegal Cathy Davies.

My Philosophy and Approach

I understand the immediate and long-term impact that a severe injury has on individuals and their families. My first concern is to ensure access for my client to the full range of appropriate treatments to assist recovery. I have many years of experience dealing with people who have sustained brain and spinal cord injuries. Aside from the obvious and immediate devastating physical and emotional consequences for the injured person, these types of severe injuries also have a definite long-term impact on family dynamics. Therefore, the recovery process should include acute care treatment, rehabilitative therapies and counseling for the injured person and family members who need to learn how to help injured loved ones cope with a new reality and how to deal with their own feelings about the situation.

My approach includes taking steps to ensure that my clients are aware of the full range of opportunities available to assist in an optimal recovery plan. My job also necessarily includes helping to arrange for the financial resources to cover the costs of implementing that plan.

Once I’m satisfied my client has what he or she needs to focus on recovery I can begin to address the legal issues associated with the case and consider what appropriate compensation might look like. From my perspective, adequate compensation must include consideration of a client’s immediate financial needs as well as their long-term interests. A serious injury has repercussions that can last a lifetime and frequently impact the financial future of the family unit.

After a recovery plan is in place, my next goal is to secure fair and reasonable compensation. Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, wage loss, long-term costs of care and treatment, costs associated with accommodating a permanent disability, financial planning to meet family obligations and address vulnerabilities as well as lost opportunities and future earning capacity, are all things that need to be factored into determining fair and reasonable compensation for a serious injury.

Sometimes appropriate compensation is best achieved through a negotiating settlement, sometimes not. For that reason, I treat each file as if it were going to trial so that I’m prepared to advance my clients’ interests in either setting. Whether we are negotiating or going to court, I make a point of keeping my clients up-to-date on the status of the claim, and I make sure there is someone available to answer questions. I care about how my clients are doing and feeling. I want to know if they are anxious or worried about some aspect of their case so that I can help them understand the process.”

Professional Associations

  • President, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC)
  • Member, British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Committee
  • TLABC Representative, Access to Justice BC Leadership Group
  • Former Director of Brain Trust Canada
  • Member, Canadian Bar Association
  • Education

    • UBC, LLB, 1992
    • UVic, BA, 1989


Disclaimer: The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts and unique circumstances in each individual case. References to successful case results where the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have acted for clients are not necessarily a guarantee or indicative of future results.

Bill Dick and Keri Grenier acted for a plaintiff whose injuries had rendered her an incomplete quadriplegic. The Court agreed that she required full time care that was being provided up to the date of trial by her spouse. The Court awarded total damages exceeding $3.4 million.

Bill Dick and Keri Grenier acted for a plaintiff who was 17 years old when she was struck in a crosswalk by a pickup truck driven by the defendant. The plaintiff’s principal issues following the injury included ongoing dizziness, headaches, anxiety and depression. At issue was whether the plaintiff suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, and whether her ongoing complaints were related to the accident or to other psychosocial stressors in her life as alleged by ICBC. After a two week trial the Court awarded damages totalling $347,581. The judgment included damages for loss of future earning capacity of $175,000.

In the News

Bill Dick, Q.C. to serve as President of the Trial Lawyers of BC for the 2022 term.

December 10, 2021

The firm is proud to announce that Bill Dick, Q.C., will serve as TLABC president for 2022. In addition to advocating for his clients, Bill has consistently taken on roles outside his practice that focus on improving the lives of his clients and British Columbians more broadly. His work on…

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Federal Government in Exploratory Talks to Settle Class Action Lawsuit Over Veterans Affairs $165M Accounting Error

January 19, 2021

CBC reports on recent steps by the federal government to address an accounting error by Veterans Affairs Canada regarding the calculation of disability awards and pensions. The $165 million accounting error, affecting over 250,000 veterans, began in 2002 and continued undetected until 2010. You can learn more about the lawsuit…

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Bill Dick, Q.C. comments on sexual abuse settlement with Diocese of Kamloops

September 16, 2020

Castanet reporter Tereza Verenca interviewed Bill Dick, Q.C. about the out-of-court settlement he reached on behalf of two Vernon brothers who survived sexual abuse by a Vernon priest when they were teenagers. The article includes the letter written by the Bishop of Kamloops, Joseph Phuong Nguyen, urging people to break…

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Murphy Battista LLP Files Archdiocese of Vancouver Abuse Class Action

September 10, 2020

Murphy Battista LLP Files Archdiocese of Vancouver Abuse Class Action

Murphy Battista LLP has filed a proposed class action against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver alleging systemic sexual, physical and psychological abuse of parishioners by individuals who, at all material times, were employees, agents or servants of the Archdiocese – including cardinals, bishops, archbishops, priests, deacons and lay ministers…

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Murphy Battista LLP settles sexual abuse case involving Vernon priest.

September 8, 2020

Murphy Battista LLP settles sexual abuse case involving Vernon priest.

Bill Dick, Q.C., represented two brothers sexually abused by Father Herbert Bourne while Bourne was a priest in Vernon during the 1970s. The abuse occurred when the brothers were teenagers. Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse inflicted by people in positions of trust or power is extremely damaging. It takes a…

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Bill Dick, Q.C. wades in on the meaning of the latest BC case on social host liability.

June 26, 2020

Bill Dick, Q.C., was recently asked for comment, by The Lawyer’s Daily, on the latest decision from the BC Supreme Court that rejected a social host liability claim. The decision in McCormack v. Plambeck, 2020 BCSC 881, involved a fatal car crash that occurred after a birthday party hosted by the…

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Murphy Battista LLP, committed to supporting Brain Trust Canada’s Free Brain Injury Counselling Services in the Okanagan

October 30, 2019

Bill Dick, Q.C., Keri Grenier, Matthew Van Nostrand, and Peter Driscoll were recently profiled by BrainTrust Canada regarding the firm’s contribution to BrainTrust’s free Okanagan Brain Injury Counselling services. Bill, Keri, Matt, and Peter each have experience helping clients deal with personal injury claims involving brain injuries. Supporting free counselling…

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Bill Dick, QC quoted: social host liability after tragic after-prom shooting at Airbnb rental in north Toronto

May 10, 2019

Bill Dick, QC quoted: social host liability after tragic after-prom shooting at Airbnb rental in north Toronto

One teen is dead after a shooting at an after-prom party held at an Airbnb rental north of Toronto. It’s a tragedy that raises legal questions around social host liability, occupiers liability, and civic responsibility. In this case, arrests were made for the murder, but there were hundreds of party-goers,…

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Murphy Battista’s Kelowna office is participating in proposed class action over miscalculation of veterans pension benefits

February 27, 2019

Peter J. Driscoll and Bill Dick, Q.C. are working on a proposed class action lawsuit concerning an accounting error in the calculation of disability awards and pensions at Veterans Affairs. The error ran undetected for eight years and resulted in shortchanging more than 250,000 former soldiers, sailors and aircrew. We…

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Bill Dick Appointed to Queen’s Counsel

December 14, 2018

We are delighted to announce Bill Dick’s appointment as Queen’s Counsel. Read the news coverage here: Okanagan lawyer honoured by appointment to Queen’s Counsel

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Bill Dick discusses social host liability with CBC in wake of costly West Vancouver house party

March 15, 2018

A West Vancouver incident where a teenage girl rented a home using her parents credit card and threw a party causing $20,000 worth of damage, serves as a warning to think about protecting yourself against liability for bodily injuries to guests, particularly in the age of the new shared economy…

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Horseback Riding and Trail Ride Injuries

May 28, 2020

Horseback Riding and Trail Ride Injuries

There are many businesses located throughout B.C. that offer recreational horseback trail rides. In most cases, a guide will provide some basic instruction on how to ride and then take a group of people on a leisurely ride along trails in the wilderness. On most occasions, the ride is uneventful…

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Know the Limits: Teen Grad Parties and Social Host Liability

June 12, 2019

Know the Limits: Teen Grad Parties and Social Host Liability

To host or not to host? Arranging gatherings for your teens at home can be riddled with questions. However, in the past decade parents face a much more difficult decision, whether or not to include alcohol among the appetizers. This poses a much larger issue at heart with hosting teen…

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Social Host Liability and Grad Season

May 24, 2016

As we head into Grad Season, parents of teenagers face that age old question of whether to allow alcohol at year end parties. As a parent of teenagers myself, I will be addressing this very issue at a Vernon District School Board event scheduled for Wednesday, May 25 at Vernon…

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Punitive Damages: A Brief Overview

May 29, 2015

What are Punitives Damages? I recently presented a paper on this topic for the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia entitled “Punitive Damages in Negligence Claims: Practical Considerations.”  I thought it might also be helpful to non-lawyers (including clients) to have an overview of what punitive damages are and how…

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The Law Show: Ep. 38: Assisted Death in Canada and the Proposed Legislation

On this episode of The Law Show, Murphy Battista lawyers Joe Murphy, QC, and Bill Dick discuss doctor-assisted death in Canada and the the proposed legislation.

The Law Show: Ep. 37: ICBC Fraud Campaign

On this episode of The Law Show, Murphy Battista lawyers Joe Murphy, QC and Bill Dick discuss the ICBC fraud campaign, and how much we pay in premiums when it comes to fraud around people making claims against ICBC. The show also explores why ICBC hasn’t done something about fraud…

The Law Show: Ep. 34: Anatomy of ICBC Injury Claims, Hiring a Lawyer and Court

On this episode of The Law Show, Murphy Battista LLP lawyers Joe Murphy and Bill Dick discuss the anatomy of an ICBC injury claim, hiring a lawyer, and the importance of a lawyer’s willingness to go to court. Personal injury lawyers, like ours at Murphy Battista LLP, usually offer free…

The Law Show: Ep. 33: Host Liability, Rules Governing Party Season

On this episode of The Law Show, Vancouver-based Murphy Battista lawyers Joe Murphy and Bill Dick discuss host liability and some of the rules governing party season, for both for individuals and companies.

The Law Show: Ep. 22: Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

On this episode of the Law Show, Vancouver-based Murphy Battista lawyers Scott Stanley and Bill Dick discuss brain injuries with a specific focus on mild traumatic brain injury. Scott and Bill also explain some of the legal issues surrounding sport-based injuries including injuries that are the result of boating and…

The Law Show: Ep. 21: New Kelowna Office

On this episode of the Law Show, Vancouver and Kelowna-based Murphy Battista lawyers Scott Stanley and Bill Dick discuss the new Kelowna branch of Murphy Battista LLP and Bill’s experience as a personal injury lawyer. The episode also focuses on the common fears and anxieties that personal injury clients have…



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Amy Gillies

Bill and Cathie are an amazing team. Our experience with Bill handling my sons ICBC accident far exceeded our expectations. He met with us in the hospital while our son was recovering and then again at our house when he was discharged from the hospital. They arranged for anything that was needed. They had no problem taking the time to explain things we didn’t understand throughout the whole process.

Shelly Van Rassel

Bill gets the job done and satisfied with my results !

Kelly Rowe

Bill and Cathy listened to our accident situation. It was a little unusual in that the other party was from out of province. They looked after everything for us. Seemed effortless for us. Highly recommend. Thank you both.

Sep G.

I had a great experience working with the team at Murphy Battista. Bill was very transparent and his excellent team walked me through everything that was happening and were always there to talk. I would highly recommend talking to them before any ICBC representative.

Patricia Valenta

Exceptional service, intelligent, pleasant, compassionate, polite, caring, understanding, professional, welcoming, went above and beyond…. reading the other reviews posted, there isn’t much left to say, except – it is all true!

I do want to say that in a world where lawyers are not often thought of kindly, Bill Dick is the exception. He took the time to explain the legal process, making sure we understood what to expect moving forward. Paralegal Cathy Davies was such a comfort in very stressful times. We felt confident they were the right people in our corner, and our trust in them was certainly justified.  We, too, cannot thank the two of you enough for your work on our behalf.

Pat and Bob Valenta

Tanya Stathopulos

I interviewed two other lawyers before meeting with Bill Dick of Murphy Battista Law. My consultation with Bill instilled a confidence level in me that the other two had not. Not only was it clear that Bill was an expert in his field but that he had the resources of one of the top legal firms at his disposal. He is a big proponent of ethical billing and is committed to making sure that costs are in line with the services received. Bill’s paralegal, Cathy Davies, is one of the best in the business and was always there to make sure that there were no loose ends. I felt completely confident that my case would be in good hands with Bill and his team and I was right.

With the ongoing changes at ICBC regarding personal injury claims, it is important to have a lawyer who is not only aware of the changes, but also understands the long-term ramifications of these changes and how they affect your case. I know that I would not have successfully settled my ICBC claim on my own and I owe many thanks to Bill and his team for their dedication and professional work.

If you are looking for one of the top personal injury lawyers in the Kelowna/Vernon area, look no further than Bill Dick and his team at Murphy Battista.

Yannick Lescarbeau

Mr. Dick did outstanding work on my complex and unusual personal injury claim. He took on the challenges of the claim with confidence, provided important and valuable legal advice while continuously showing empathetic demeanour towards my situation. The professionalism and the honesty displayed provided some emotional relief that I was in good hands and well represented. I will be eternally grateful for his services and I highly recommend Mr. Dick without hesitation.

Raymond Norfolk

Bill and his team are awesome, the paralegals Cathy and Daniel are top notch! quick, and on the ball,very informative and easy to talk to.I highly recommend Bill and his team.

Blair Montguire

Professional Excellence! Bill Dick and his team at Murphy Battista not only met my expectations, but they exceeded them. All of my questions and correspondence were not only answered clearly and informatively, but they were returned in a timely manner. Mr. Dick was very good about making himself available and his Legal Assistant Cathy was amazing! We are very happy with the settlement we received from ICBC through Mr. Dick’s efforts. It is apparent to my wife and I that Mr. Dick is very well respected by ICBC and the Health & Wellness Professionals in my community. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill Dick and his team at Murphy Battista to anyone who requires his services.

Sincerely, ​Blair and Jennifer Montguire

Erik Paulsen
Mr. Bill Dick and his team at Murphy Battista LLP did a fantastic job on solving a complicated matter that resulted in a resolution that exceed all expectations. I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism and support throughout the entire process. I would whole heartedly recommend them to my friends and family.
Dominique Ritchie
Bill Dick was my lawyer at Murphy Battista LLP for over 5 years during a very complicated and messy personal injury case. I can’t speak highly enough of his professionalism and guidance during these extremely difficult years of my life. Bill was thorough and well-spoken. Cathy Davies, his assistant, was kind and personable. She was caring and talked me through many processes. Cathy provided insight at all steps along the way. They made this process bearable. Thank you Murphy Battista for helping me get my life back on track after a terrible accident. A quick thank you to Juan for the original referral to Bill Dick, and also to Danielle for being incredibly helpful during times when Cathy was away or unavailable. Everyone on the team was a pleasure and if I am ever in need of legal services again I am loyal to this firm.
tom terrific
Shopping for a lawyer? Please give my review a glance before you commit…5 years ago I was involved in a MVA resulting in a fairly serious single injury.During the next few immediate days as |I interacted with the various health care providers ( ortho surgeons, nurses and even the attending accident scene police) one thing they all said to me was ” get a lawyer:” I decided to at least look into this and see what I could learn. One of the first smart moves I did was to at least shop Vernon for a lawyer that I liked. I made 5 different appointments. I was to learn a bit about greed. 3 out of 5 law offices already had my contract drawn up for me ready to sign as soon as I walked in the door (!) without actually even meeting the lawyer. Yeah no thanks. One of them even asked me to initial a “special clause ” allowing them to charge me up to 40% if they should “go over their budget. (legal max fee is a third) Then one day, one of the rehab personnel mentioned a lawyer that would actually come to the facility to see how his clients were doing. After a short interview the next smart move I did was to hire the Lawyer Mr. Bill Dick and his excellent team,in particular his Paralegal Secretary Cathy Davies Endless patience is just one of Cathy’s skillset as she fielded my innumerable phone calls. You want someone knowledgeable there when you phone. And you will phone…. First and foremost this well known and very popular lawyer is a family man. Caring and understanding, he knows exactly what youre saying when you say your injury has affected your earning potential and your life. This excellent Vernon lawyer was just very recently accredited with the prestigious title of Queens Counsel. Awarded to only 7% of BC lawyers, its an award that does not come easily. Necessary qualities you must possess are Integrity, Honesty and Skill to name a few. (and just a general all around good dude, that’s MOST important) Everybody in Vernon should be damned proud to have him in our community. So after almost 5 years my case came to a satisfying end. Thank you so very much Bill and Cathy for all your excellent professional help. Obviously my name isn’t tom terrific, its Tim and if youd like to chat with me personally wander into the bean scene around 730 am. Thanks for reading.
Leanne Robertson

Exceptional service, professional attitude and extremely polite, caring and understanding. Went beyond what was required. I would definitely recommend Bill Dick as the ultimate solution for any legal services. The process was explained and he provided me the assistance needed. I could not say enough of Bill and Cathy Davies support, knowledge, professionalism and consideration. I would highly recommend this law firm to family, friends or anyone seeking the need of an extremely professional and compassionate lawyer, you will not regret it. I am very grateful for the excellent service.

Doreen Sudbury

Bill and Cathy of Murphy Battista are two of the most intelligent, pleasant and compassionate persons we’ve ever know. We felt totally welcome and were put at ease by them the first time we met and always felt informed and up to date on the many legal twists of dealing with our USA rear end accident of 2013. We would and will recommend their skills and that of Murphy Battista to anyone that requires the legal services to battle the opposing lawyers of insurance companies. They delivered far more than either of us could have envisioned at the onset of our assocation with them! Their billings were always very reasonable.Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and support you provided! We wish you all of the very best.

John Webb

Bill Dick and his Paralegal Cathy Davies were a life line for us. We knew right from the start that we were in good hands and were dealing with an outstanding group of Professionals. They were so caring, compassionate and took care of everything which In turn relieved us from all our stress and worries. I can’t say enough good things about this firm. A World Class Operation and I would not hesitate to recommend the Murphy Battiista Law Firm.

T. Severin CBD Advocate

I cannot say enough about the staff at this location Bill Cathy and Matt were instrumental in my son getting back on his feet …their compassion and hard work throughout the last four years cannot be repaid with a simple thank you . Grateful Mom

Help2Heal Holistic Health

I can’t thank Bill and his team enough for fighting for my sons rights.

sarah Fennell

I’ve worked with Bill Dyck at Murphy Battista, he is very professional, personable, and results foccused. I’d recommend using their services.

Liza Needham

Had a very complicated case and am 100% satisfied with the results. Bill was not only professional but was patient explaining things I didn’t understand…over and over and over. I will never go to another firm after my experience at Murphy Battista.

In addition to my courtroom experience, I have many years of expertise advocating for clients involved in mediation and arbitration. My effective representation of clients includes taking cases to trial for people who have sustained brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether my clients need help negotiating a compensation claim or taking the matter forward to trial, my knowledge and ability as an advocate have produced positive outcomes for my clients.

Ultimately, my most important role is to secure fair and adequate compensation for my client while trying to minimize the stress associated with a personal injury claim and the litigation process.

Bill Dick

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