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Recreational Accidents

Vancouver Skiing and Snowboarding Accident Lawyers

Located in a haven for recreational activities, the personal injury lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP frequently advise and act for people who have suffered injuries as the result of recreational pursuits on skis, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, zip-lines, bungee cords and other potentially hazardous activities.

In some situations, the injured person may have signed a waiver purporting to relieve the owner of a recreational facility of any liability in the event of accident or injury. While the injured person’s assumption of the risk will usually emerge as a significant legal issue over the course of a lawsuit, our experience with personal injury law, insurance claims and disputed evidence means that we can often find a cause of action that continues despite the terms of a waiver or liability disclaimer.

Claims Involving Boating, ATV or Snowmobile Accidents

Contact us for a free consultation about your right to compensation for injuries suffered in a recreational accident. Depending on your situation, our investigation of the claim might focus on the negligence of a property owner, whether you were adequately informed of the risks of the activity, or whether the equipment you used was properly maintained or correctly fitted for you.

The fact that you signed a waiver may not always relieve someone else of the responsibility for taking reasonable steps to protect against known risks. Call us for additional information and learn how experienced personal injury lawyers can help you attain full physical, financial and personal recovery for recreational accident injuries.