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Joe Murphy, Q.C.*

  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Phone: 604-683-9621
  • Fax: 604-683-5084
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Education:

    UBC Faculty of Law 1975

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Joe Murphy, Q.C. is one of two founding partners of Murphy, Battista. He brings his talent for understanding people, especially during crisis, and his skill and knowledge as an advocate and trial lawyer to ensure each client gets the best possible representation. From his father, a doctor, and his mother, a nursing instructor, Joe learned the value of listening to people to understand them. As he explains, “I am there to learn from my clients. The starting point is them – who they are and how they are affected by a tragic event.”

Joe comes from a large family (eight children) and grew up on the prairies, moving to Vancouver to attend UBC. While studying Commerce at UBC, Joe worked summers as a salesman, traveling across Canada. He credits this experience with teaching him how to work with a wide range of people. Joe put himself through law school by working as an insurance adjuster for a private (pre-ICBC) company, which provided him with a unique understanding of the insurance industry. He graduated from UBC Law School in 1975 and has acted for injured people and their families – from all over the world – ever since.

Joe was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1998 in recognition for his excellence as a trial and appeals lawyer. He has acted in many landmark cases and prides himself on his reputation among his clients – and his reputation in the insurance industry.

Joe is a former President of the Trial Lawyers Association of B.C., an organization of lawyers who work to strengthen and preserve laws that protect the rights of individuals. He is a former B.C. Delegate for the American Association for Justice. Joe is in great demand as a lecturer on both medical and legal issues, appearing at conferences in B.C., throughout the prairies, in Toronto, Washington, DC, London, England, and Mexico.

Joe has 4 adult children, including one who has followed him into the practice of law, and one who may do that.  He enjoys hockey, tennis, hiking and travel.

*Law Corporation

Successful Cases

Click on the case names to read the full decisions*:

  • Wilton v. Koestlmaier, 2018 BCSC 1257
    Joe Murphy, Q.C. and Brandon Souza acted for the executors and estate of the deceased, Maxine Wilton, who altered her Will by completing two codicils. The defendants, the deceased’s grandchildren, were no longer beneficiaries in the Will after the second codicil was made. The grandchildren challenged that codicil claiming suspicious circumstances surrounding the making of the codicil, that the grandmother lacked the testamentary capacity, and that she was subject to undue influence. The grandmother suffered strokes both before and after the codicil which left the grandchildren out of her will. After a five day trial, the court found the codicil valid and that the grandmother knew exactly what she was doing.
  • Grassick (Guardian ad litem of) v. Swansburg, 2015 BCSC 2355
    Joe Murphy, Kevin Gourlay, and Mike Murphy acted for the plaintiff who was 16 when he was hit by a young woman who was not paying attention while driving on Halloween night in 2008. He suffered a significant traumatic brain injury. Before the accident, he had been an exceptionally gifted young man. Although he remained intelligent and was attending university, he was plagued by fatigue and cognitive difficulties as a result of the accident that would significantly impact his ability to work as an engineer. The Court assessed damages at $3,297,000, including $3M for loss of future earning capacity
  • Danicek v. Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang, 2010 BCSC 1111 (Kelleher J.)
  • Yeung v. Au, 2004 BCSC 1648 (D.F. Tysoe, J.)

*Disclaimer: The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts and unique circumstances in each individual case. References to successful case results where the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have acted for clients are not necessarily a guarantee or indicative of future results.

The Law Show

Episode 45 Topics:

  • changes in BC weather and distracted driving
  • ICBC rate increases
  • host liability during the holiday season
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Episode 43 Topics:

  • legislation around pitbull terrier ownership
  • bylaws in the BC province
  • the power of attorney
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Episode 42 Topics:

  • the layers within the court system in BC
  • small claims and supreme court
  • court of appeal and BC residential tenancy office
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Episode 41 Topics:

  • summer safety
  • camping safety, water safety and road trips
  • liability and protecting yourself from a lawsuit
  • click for more information and to view Episode 41

Episode 38 Topics:

  • Dr. assisted death in Canada
  • proposed legislation
  • balancing the autonomy of the individual with protecting the rights of the vulnerable
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Episode 37 Topics:

  • the ICBC fraud campaign
  • ICBC premiums
  • fraudulent cases
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Episode 36 Topics

  • protecting yourself from a motor vehicle lawsuit
  • vicarious liability
  • making sure you are adequately covered by insurance
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Episode 35 Topics

  • negligence, and liability arising out of accidents on school trips
  • weighing the educational benefits vs risk of school trips
  • the importance of having proper insurance
  • click for more information and to view Episode 35 

Episode 34 Topics:

  • the anatomy of an ICBC injury claim,
  • hiring a lawyer, and
  • the importance of a lawyer's willingness to go to court.
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Episode 33 Topics:

  • host liability
  • the rules governing party season for individuals and companies
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Episode 32 Topics:

  • wrongful death
  • workplace accidents
  • when to contact a lawyer
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Episode 31 Topics:

  • how sports have lead to a greater understanding of concussions
  • what is the statute of limitations
  • the importance of speaking with a lawyer within a designated time period
  • click for more information and to view Episode 31

Episode 29 Topics:

  • the importance of getting excess UMP insurance
  • maximizing homeowner and tenant liability coverage and cover common water-related injuries
  • issues that may arise when registering your child for summer camp
  • click for more information and to view Episode 29

Episode 28 Topics:

  • homeowner and tenant insurance
  • life insurance and disability insurance
  • the myths surrounding insurance fraud
  • click for more information and to view Episode 28

Episode 27 Topics:

  • common things you should know about vehicle insurance
  • the difference between ICBC and private insurers
  • the importance of signing up for underinsured motorist protection
  • click for more information and to view Episode 27

Episode 26 Topics:

  • the importance of retaining an experienced lawyer to guide a child’s personal injury case
  • the danger of litigation loans
  • options that allow injured people to avoid litigation loan financing
  • key questions that should be asked when you’re in the process of retaining a lawyer
  • click for more information and to view Episode 26

Episode 25 Topics:

  • myths surrounding fraudulent insurance claims
  • the differences between judge alone trials and jury trials
  • common surveillance practices used by private insurers and ICBC and how the use of social media might negatively affect your claim
  • click for more information and to view Episode 25

Episode 24 Topics:

  • the importance of retaining counsel willing to go to trial
  • work safe BC benefits
  • the purpose of punitive damages in insurance disputes
  •  standard issues that you should be aware of when pursuing disability claims
  • click for more information and to view Episode 24

Episode 23 Topics:

  • discuss treatment, rehabilitation, and ICBC Part 7 Benefits
  • the importance of retaining an occupational therapist to quarterback a personal injury claim in some cases
  • the willingness to travel throughout Canada to make sure bedridden personal injury victims are adequately represented
  • click for more information and to view episode 23

Episode 11 Topics:

  • issues that arise when the injured person is a young child
  • what makes a case tough to win
  •  what you should bring with you the first time you see a personal injury lawyer
  •  home owners and tenants insurance policies
  • click for more information and to view Episode 11 

Episode 10 Topics:

  • circumstances where it is particularly important to get legal advice and representation in an ICBC case
  • medical authorizations and reports, seeing your doctor
  • forms you need to sign to receive no fault benefits
  • click for more information and to view Episode 10 

Episode 7 Topics:

  • what parental consent on a school outing means
  • considerations for insuring your teen driver
  • why you should take time make sure you have both the proper kind of insurance and a sufficient amount
  • the types of damages involved in a personal injury claim
  • click for more information and to view Episode 7

Episode 6 Topics:

  • the firm's experience with complex personal injury claims resulting from car accidents
  • why it matters whether your lawyer also takes defense cases for ICBC
  • click for more information and to view Episode 6 

Episode 5 Topics:

  • the value of hiring a lawyer that is ready, willing, and able to go to trial
  • why you should retain a specialist in complex personal injury case
  • the importance of retaining a personal injury lawyer that does not also do work on behalf of ICBC
  • click for more information and to view Episode 5

Episode 2 Topics:

  • ICBC claims involving children
  • steps to take immediately following an accident
  • how to deal with the paperwork that ICBC adjusters ask you to sign
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Episode 1 Topics:

  • Murphy Battista LLP's philosophy
  • unfair myths surrounding personal injury law and personal injury victims
  • click for more information and to view Episode 1 



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