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Bill Dick*

Bill Dick
  • Location: Vernon and Kelowna, BC
  • Phone: 250-317-7030
  • Fax: 250-979-7228
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Education:

    UBC, LLB, 1992

    UVic, BA, 1989

  • Connect:   

Bill Dick* has extensive experience representing plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice and insurance disputes both at trial and on appeal.

In addition to his courtroom experience, Bill is an outstanding advocate for clients involved in mediation and arbitration. He has been recognized by Best Lawyers Canada™ (2010-2018) and his effective representation of clients includes taking cases to trial for people who have sustained brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether his clients need help negotiating a compensation claim or taking the matter forward to trial, Bill’s knowledge and ability as an advocate have produced positive outcomes for his clients.

Bill works out of the firm’s Kelowna office along with paralegal Cathy Davies and is also the contact lawyer for the firm’s Vernon office.

Kelowna Office

200 – 215 Lawrence Avenue
Kelowna, B.C.
V1Y 6L2

Tel:  (250) 979-7230
Fax: (250) 979-7228
Toll Free:  1 (888) 683-9621

Vernon Office

201 – 2928 – 29 Street,
Vernon, BC  V1T 5A6

Tel: (250) 549-1999
Toll Free:  1 (888) 683-9621

Bill’s Philosophy and Approach

Ultimately, my most important role is to secure fair and adequate compensation for my client while trying to minimize the stress associated with a personal injury claim and the litigation process.

I understand the immediate and long-term impact that a severe injury has on individuals and their families. My first concern is to ensure access for my client to the full range of appropriate treatments to assist recovery. I have many years of experience dealing with people who have sustained brain and spinal cord injuries. Aside from the obvious and immediate devastating physical and emotional consequences for the injured person, these types of severe injuries also have a definite long-term impact on family dynamics. Therefore, the recovery process should include acute care treatment, rehabilitative therapies and counseling for the injured person and family members who need to learn how to help injured loved ones cope with a new reality and how to deal with their own feelings about the situation.

My approach includes taking steps to ensure that my clients are aware of the full range of opportunities available to assist in an optimal recovery plan. My job also necessarily includes helping to arrange for the financial resources to cover the costs of implementing that plan.

Once I’m satisfied my client has what he or she needs to focus on recovery I can begin to address the legal issues associated with the case and consider what appropriate compensation might look like. From my perspective, adequate compensation must include consideration of a client’s immediate financial needs as well as their long-term interests. A serious injury has repercussions that can last a lifetime and frequently impact the financial future of the family unit.

After a recovery plan is in place, my next goal is to secure fair and reasonable compensation. Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, wage loss, long-term costs of care and treatment, costs associated with accommodating a permanent disability, financial planning to meet family obligations and address vulnerabilities as well as lost opportunities and future earning capacity, are all things that need to be factored into determining fair and reasonable compensation for a serious injury.

Sometimes appropriate compensation is best achieved through a negotiating settlement, sometimes not. For that reason, I treat each file as if it were going to trial so that I’m prepared to advance my clientsinterests in either setting. Whether we are negotiating or going to court, I make a point of keeping my clients up-to-date on the status of the claim, and I make sure there is someone available to answer questions. I care about how my clients are doing and feeling. I want to know if they are anxious or worried about some aspect of their case so that I can help them understand the process.

*Bill provides legal services through William Dick Personal Law Corporation.

Successful Cases

  • James v. James, 2018 BCSC 603
    Bill and Keri Grenier acted for a Plaintiff whose injuries had rendered her an incomplete quadriplegic. The Court agreed that she required full time care that was being provided up to the date of trial by her spouse. The Court awarded total damages exceeding $3.4 million.
  • Birkich v. Cantafio, 2016 BCSC 40
    Bill Dick and Keri Grenier acted for a plaintiff who was 17 years old when she was struck in a crosswalk by a pickup truck driven by the defendant. The plaintiff’s principal issues following the injury included ongoing dizziness, headaches, anxiety and depression. At issue was whether the plaintiff suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, and whether her ongoing complaints were related to the accident or to other psychosocial stressors in her life as alleged by ICBC. After a two week trial the Court awarded damages totalling $347,581. The judgement included damages for loss of future earning capacity of $175,000.
  • McCluskey v. Desilets [2013] BCSC 2150
  • Clark v. Bullock [2013] BCSC 1644
  • Verge v. Chan [2012] BCSC 876
  • Eggleston v. Watson [2010] BCSC 890
  • Slaughter v. Sluys [2009] BCCA  476

*Disclaimer: The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts and unique circumstances in each individual case. References to successful case results where the lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have acted for clients are not necessarily a guarantee or indicative of future results.


  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) BC - Non-Pecuniary Damages, June 2017
  • TLABC - Dancing with the Devil: Managing Disability Insurers During the Life of a Personal Injury Claim, October 28, 2016. Written for the TLABC Litigation Update Seminar, 2016. Click HERE to read the paper.
  • Okanagan Medical-Legal Group of Occupational Therapists - Medical Legal Overview, April 2016
  • TLABC - Ethical and Practical Considerations in Billing Clients, April 2016
  • TLABC - Punitive Damages in Negligence Claims: Practical Considerations, May 2015
  • TLABC - Loss of Future Earnings in the age of the Oil Sands, Nov, 2014
  • TLABC - The Vicarious Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners’ In British Columbia, 2012
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  • Pacific Business and Law Institute – Third Party Bad Faith Claims, 2009
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) BC – Highway Maintenance Claims, 2005
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) BC – ABCs of Head Injury Claims, 2003

Professional Associations

  • Member, British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Committee
  • Board of Governors, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC)
  • TLABC Representative, Access to Justice BC Leadership Group
  • Former Director of Brain Trust Canada
  • Member, Canadian Bar Association

The Law Show

CISL AM 650's, The Law Show, is devoted to providing information about the law. The lawyers from Murphy Battista LLP contribute to the program by providing commentary on personal injury law in BC.  Tune in on select Sunday mornings at 11 am. Click here for more information.

Bill has participated in the following episodes of The Law Show:

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  • ICBC premiums
  • fraudulent cases
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Episode 34 Topics:

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  • hiring a lawyer, and
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Episode 33 Topics:

  • host liability
  • the rules governing party season for individuals and companies
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Episode 22 Topics:

  • brain injuries with a specific focus on mild traumatic brain injury
  • legal issues surrounding sport-based injuries including injuries that are the result of boating and equestrian accidents
  • the complex issues of waivers and how these documents can limit your ability to seek compensation for an injury
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Episode 21 Topics:

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