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The Law Show

Personal Injury Law: The ICBC Claims Process, Why ICBC Claims are Denied, and the Minor Injury Claim Cap

Joe Murphy, Q.C, a founding partner of Murphy Battista LLP, joined Jim Gordon for the July 29th episode of The Law Show. During this episode, they discuss the process surrounding a personal injury claim, including choosing a lawyer and your lawyer’s role in the claim process. Joe also touched on how to best deal with ICBC and why claims may be denied. Importantly, they also discussed the BC government’s proposed minor injury pain and suffering payout cap on ICBC claims and what it means for accident victims.

Distracted Driving and ICBC Rate Increases

On this episode of The Law Show, we speak with one of the founding partners of Murphy Battista LLP, Joe Murphy Q.C. This episode covers distracted driving during a change in weather here in BC, ICBC rate increases, the liability of hosting people over the holidays.

Soft Tissue Claims and ICBC Rate Hikes

In this episode of the Law Show, Murphy Battista LLP partners, Joe Murphy, Q.C. and Joe Battista, Q.C. discuss soft tissue claims and how this can affect you in the long run, as well as ICBC rate hikes.

Pitbulls, Bylaws, and the Power of Attorney

In this episode of the Law Show, Murphy Battista Lawyers, Joe Murphy, Q.C. and Joe Battista, Q.C. discuss the complex legislation around pitbull ownership, and the power of attorney.