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Homeowners Insurance Claims

Advice for Owners and Occupiers in Casualty Loss and Liability Claims

If you are having problems with your insurance company on a claim covered under a homeowners or occupiers policy, contact Murphy Battista LLP for a free consultation to discuss effective ways to maximize your chances of receiving full coverage.

Our law firm is known throughout B.C. and Western Canada for its record of success with the resolution of disputed insurance claims on behalf of motorists, individuals, families and homeowners. We have decades of experience dealing with B.C. insurance law and a reputation for investigating and presenting the facts on behalf of clients in ways that make the decisive difference on disputed claims.

Murphy Battista acts for property owners and occupiers on disputes that are likely to arise under homeowners and occupiers insurance policies including first-party loss claims and third-party liability claims.

Representation in Homeowners Insurance Loss Disputes

Examples of the kinds of disputes that can arise when you need coverage for a loss include denial of coverage under a condition or exclusion in your insurance policy, the insurer’s refusal to pay the full value of your claim, and an insurer’s eagerness to cry fraud when the size of the claim or the financial circumstances of the insured arouse suspicion.

Our homeowners’ insurance lawyers help people protect and enforce their rights to insurance coverage in a variety of situations, particularly after the initial denial of a claim for:

Murphy Battista’s third-party liability insurance practice serves the needs of homeowners who depend on their coverage to protect them when someone else sues for damages due to negligence. We work to hold the insurer to its duties of defence and indemnification. In other words, the insurer must cover the costs of your legal defence on a covered claim and must pay whatever liability is proved against you under the policy.

B.C. Fire and Theft Insurance Lawyers

To learn more about our law firm’s experience with the analysis and pursuit of homeowners’ rights under casualty and liability insurance policies, contact us for a free consultation.