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Wrongful Death

Claims For Wrongful Death Under the B.C. Family Compensation Act

British Columbia law places the families of fatal accident victims at a considerable disadvantage. The Family Compensation Act (FCA), which governs the presentation of wrongful death liability claims throughout the province, only recognises a narrow range of compensable losses, typically those based on loss of income or support. The lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP act vigorously to protect the interests of those bereaved through motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, and other negligent circumstances.

Contact Murphy Battista to learn how your family can benefit from the legal advice and practical support of a law firm with nearly 30 years of experience acting on behalf of people with fatal accident claims. We can explain which aspects of your loss will be recognized by the law, help you pursue your right to survivors’ benefits and life insurance, and help you deal with the practical and emotional challenges that inevitably arise in the aftermath of an accidental death in the family.

B.C. Fatal Car Accident Lawyers

You can depend on our team at Murphy Battista to help you recover the greatest amount possible under the law. Our damages claims are based on close attention to detail in the proof of such elements as loss of income, loss of household services, loss of care and support for children, and loss of inheritance. We have years of experience representing what a family’s loss following the accidental death of a family member means in practical terms.

Legislative proposals to expand the losses compensable under the FCA in British Columbia appear from time to time. The time might come when such damages as grief, loss of companionship or loss of good counsel are recognized under the law. Five provinces from Alberta to Nova Scotia have reformed their wrongful death laws to compensate such losses, and one day British Columbia might follow their example.

For more information about the benefits of working with an experienced and compassionate legal team at a time of loss, contact us for a free consultation.