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Dependable Advice About Accident Claims and Insurance Disputes Since 1982

Murphy Battista LLP was one of the first law firms in British Columbia to focus exclusively on the needs of accident victims. A distinctive feature of our practice is our emphasis on the total recovery of our clients and their families, not just the amount of a financial settlement. Our goal is to help you get your life back.

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Whether presenting an ICBC injury claim, an application for benefits under a private disability plan, or proving damages against a negligent corporation, our close attention to the details of an injury claim will be indispensable to success in cases of all kinds, including:

Our work integrates a thorough knowledge of personal injury and insurance law with a careful focus on detail in proving complex or disputed injury claims. This represents a powerful combination across a range of accident and negligence scenarios:

Most of our cases involve dealing with insurance companies, especially ICBC in motor vehicle accident claims. We also handle insurance disputes across a wider spectrum of situations:

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