September 14, 2016

Keri Grenier Okanagan Woman Blog Feature

Keri Asks: What is a Woman’s Worth?

Okanagan Woman features Keri Grenier’s insights on how the courts are determining a woman’s worth in personal injury law cases. In the post, she outlines the “aspects to a woman’s claim that are often unique or tend to play a more prominent role.”

Carefully highlighted in the commentary, is the need to factor in a number of areas for discussion. In regards to personal injury law, the topic of a woman’s worth raises a significant number of questions. For instance, as a woman, does your daily employment have an impact on your injury claim? Or, if your physical appearance is significantly altered on account of the injury, how does this affect your injury claim? Additionally, what if your injuries impair your ability to conceive or care for children? Or, you can no longer care for family members?

Keri underscores the fact that the number of roles a woman participates in during her lifetime may play a significant part in her injury claim. If you are a stay-at-home parent or have secured steady employment, these are all areas that are taken into account and, as Keri illustrates, more so when you are a woman filing an injury claim. With every factor taken into consideration, it’s only then that the lawyer can truly understand what direction to take. As a result, understanding the complexities of a woman’s life is crucial to appreciating all aspects of the multiple roles unique to women’s lives.

Keri’s article raises some important considerations for women seeking compensation injuries. The post clarifies some overlooked aspects of personal injury claims. We encourage you to read more about this important subject.

For more on what Keri has written on the topic, you can read the full blog post here.

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