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Simmavong v. Haddock

No. M092959
Vancouver Registry

In the Supreme Court of British Columbia










[Rule 22-3 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules applies to all forms.]

 Counsel for Plaintiff: Irina Kordic and J. Scott Stanley


Counsel for Defendant: Jon Walsh



This proceeding involved an injury that occurred on June 24, 2007. The vehicle operated by the Plaintiff was struck in a head on collision by the vehicle operated by the Defendant. At the time of the accident, the Plaintiff was pregnant and her daughter was born the next day, approximately seven weeks premature.


The Plaintiff alleged that she suffers from ongoing chronic pain to her lower back, neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and significant depression. The Plaintiff also alleges that her employment opportunity was severely impacted and will be unable to tolerate full-time work in the future.


The Defendants claimed that the Plaintiff’s injuries had significantly improved since the accident. The Defendants denied any impact of the injuries on the Plaintiff’s ability to work full time or perform household tasks.


The Plaintiff’s case went to trial on November 21, 2011 and was heard by Mr. Justice Greyell. The Honourable Mr. Justice Greyell awarded the Plaintiff $332,179.15 in damages.