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Chronic Pain: Family and Friends Matter
Murphy Battista
October 19, 2015

Chronic Pain: Family and Friends Matter

Chronic pain

Keri Grenier may be new to Murphy Battista LLP’s Kelowna office but she’s been helping injured clients deal with issues like chronic pain for many years. Keri’s latest INJURYwise column, “The Chronic Pain Effect,” addresses the compensation available for injured people suffering from chronic pain and the seeming anomaly that aside from an “in trust” claim, the family and friends of an injured person, who may well be drastically affected by the injury, do not have a claim from compensation. Nonetheless, as Keri notes,

“…despite the general lack of compensation available for those affected, these individuals can play an important role in the amount of compensation you will recover in your personal injury claim.   This is because the people in your life who are directly affected are also the ones who have seen the real impact that your accident has had on you, and as a result their evidence can be invaluable, in addition to the right medical and legal professionals, in helping you obtain fair compensation.”

In addition to finding treatment to alleviate and manage your chronic pain it is a good idea to find resources that will help your family (in particular) cope with the changes brought about by your injury.

Read more about chronic pain and fibromylagia and if you have questions please contact us.

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