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Kevin Gourlay Discusses Liability for Stanley Park Causeway Tragedy with CBC Anchor Andrew Chang
April 1, 2015

Kevin Gourlay Discusses Liability for Stanley Park Causeway Tragedy with CBC Anchor Andrew Chang

I was recently asked to sit down with Andrew Chang of the CBC to discuss the 2013 untimely death of Antonina Elzbieta Skoczylas. Ms. Skoczylas tragically passed away after being struck by a bus while cycling on the Stanley Park causeway. This week it was announced that Ms. Skoczylas’ family is taking court action and seeking damages for her death.

In the lawsuit, Ms. Skoczylas’ husband and son have named the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the West Vancouver Blue Bus Transit System as defendants as well as bus driver Murray Scott Carpenter and two pedestrians, Iloiko Elizabeth Laszlo and an unidentified person listed as Jane Doe No. 1. Ms. Skoczylas’ family is alleging that her death was, in part, the result of “negligence in the design, construction, signage, and maintenance of the Stanley Park Causeway and the sidewalks.”

Ms. Skoczlyas’ death led immediately to the transportation ministry vowing to conduct a safety review of the 2.2-kilometre stretch of Highway 99 that runs through Stanley Park. Since that time, Transportation Minister Todd Stone has announced that $7 million will be spent on enhancing safety along the Stanley Park causeway.

During the interview we discussed the evidence required to establish the liability of each of the named defendants . We also talked about the circumstances under which the city might be found liable for Ms. Skoczylas’ death, and about how the Family Compensation Act could serve to limit the damages paid to Ms. Skoczylas’ family.

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