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Girl Talk: Inspirational videos and attitude…Phoenix Attitude

At the November 5th meeting of Girl Talk we enjoyed another evening of easy chats and laughter sparked by watching some inspirational videos that really helped bolster our spirits. If you’d like to check out for yourself one of the videos we watched, this is a TED Talk by an incredible woman, Maysoon Zayid entitled: I got 99 problems… palsy is just one.

We were also introduced to Jenna Reed Cote’s new venture called Phoenix Attitude Inc. which is dedicated to creating tools and products to empower people and loved ones navigating the medical system. She has designed and developed a website to help you maneuver through the oftentimes treacherous and overwhelming waters of the medical system. Please visit her website for more information and for instructions on how to sign up for this invaluable service.

Next session is December 3rd! Check out the Facebook group page GirlTalk for information and updates.

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