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Brain Injury: The Importance of Community Rehabilitation - A Conference Recap
June 23, 2014

Brain Injury: The Importance of Community Rehabilitation – A Conference Recap

Murphy Battista had the honor of being a sponsor for the annual Pushor Mitchell LLP Okanagan Conference on Brain Injury. This year’s conference was titled “Living Well: The Importance of Community Rehabiliation After Brain Injury.”

“Living Well: The Importance of Community Rehabilitation After Brain Injury” – See more at:

The conference took place on June 12th and 13th at UBC Okanagan. Almost 100 professionals, educators and caregivers attended the conference and heard from Keynote Speaker Fred Sarkari. Workshops were conducted by many leaders in the field including Dr. Merry Miller, PhD, Tracy Hansford, OT, and Dr. Jane Topolovec, PhD.

The Conference is run by Braintrust Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing brain injuries and encouraging effective treatment and research since 1986. Their services include residential, pre-employment, health maintenance, education, financial, compensatory strategy development, advocacy, and family support.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to support organizations such as Braintrust Canada, but it is also a responsibility. Brain injury is the greatest cause of death and disability for people under the age of 45. Prevention, education, support and rehabilitation are all important elements to ensuring that individuals suffering from brain injuries remain active members of our community.

Murphy Battista’s goal is to help our clients get their lives back. Legal assistance is an important part of that goal but so is making sure our clients have access to cutting edge research, education and therapies that they need to support recovery.

We welcome the opportunity to help contribute to the ongoing development of rehabilitation resources for people who have suffered brain injuries and we hope to sponsor and support Braintrust Canada for years to come.

For more information, please visit Braintrust Canada website.

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