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Denied Claims

Taking a Second Look at Your Denied Claim for Insurance Coverage

The lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP have decades of experience helping people obtain the benefit of their insurance protection across a variety of policies and claim scenarios. Our lawyers can advise you if you need answers to questions about the scope of your insurance coverage or help overcoming obstacles to getting paid under your policy. Contact our office for a free consultation about your legal and practical options.

Problems frequently arise when the insurer resists payment of an insured’s claim on any of a number of grounds. Some of these grounds include defects in the proof of loss, the insured’s violation of a condition of coverage, or the exclusion of the risk under the terms of the policy. Insurers might also accept a portion of the claim, or accept it under a reservation of right, which allows the insurer to deny coverage later on.

As one of B.C.’s best-known insurance law firms practising exclusively on behalf of the insured, Murphy Battista works to protect our clients’ interests in coverage to the greatest extent possible in matters ranging from ICBC Part 7 claims to homeowner casualty losses due to fire or theft. We act for clients who need advice about their rights under any of the following kinds of coverage:

In many instances, our work involves analysis and presentation of the facts surrounding your loss in terms that can convince the insurer to act favourably on your claim.

B.C. Lawyers Acting Against Insurers for Bad Faith Settlement Practices

In other cases, the insurance company’s conduct in delaying or opposing payment will amount to a bad faith denial of coverage, which can support an independent cause of action against the insurer in addition to your right of coverage. Our many years of experience dealing with insurers of all kinds can help you see the distinction between a legitimate dispute over the scope of coverage and unfounded opposition meant to harass you into a low settlement.

For additional information about the ways our experienced lawyers can help you obtain the insurance coverage you need at a time of loss, contact Murphy Battista for a free consultation.