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CBC’s Go Public interviews Scott Stanley about the problems with accident insurance policies

January 4, 2017

The bottom line is that accident insurance almost never pays off. This was the situation the mother of a 12-year-old soccer player found herself in this past November.

Emily Laprise’s mother, Nancy Desrosiers had experience as an emergency room nurse and had seen first hand how a serious injury could impact people’s lives. She was trying to do the right thing when she bought an accident insurance policy to cover injuries to her children including soccer-playing daughter, Emily. However, when Emily suffered a severe eye injury during a soccer match in North Vancouver this fall, Nancy was very surprised when the insurance company refused to pay out. Luckily the eye surgeon was able to reattach Emily’s left retina but could do nothing about the hole that remains. Despite ongoing symptoms including double vision and loss of part of Emily’s field of vision, the insurance company refused to pay out citing the language of the policy.

As Scott Stanley explained to Go Public’s Erica Johnson, most accident insurance is designed to pay out for things that rarely happen. The language of the policy is always key, so if you are considering accident insurance, it’s worth getting some advice on whether you are actually covered for the events you think you are.

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