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Your Medical Team

The Role of Your Medical Team

In the healing process, time is crucial. You need medical experts who can quickly identify what you need, and get you on the right track in those critical first few weeks or months. With our medical system so stressed, you may need the help of specialists outside that system. At Murphy Battista, we set up and work with a team specially designed for you.

A typical medical team may start with an occupational therapist – a trained and licensed health care professional who looks at the impact of your injuries – at home, at work and at play.

This occupational therapist may work as a case manager to coordinate all medical services, monitor the team, and help you deal with day-to-day challenges.

In addition to the doctors who treat you, the team may include a neuropsychologist who tests for changes in the way a person functions – following a head injury. It could also include a physiotherapist, chiropractor, counselor, vocational expert and, in the case of a serious injury to a child, an educational expert.

The key to this medical team is we find the specialists and therapists to ensure you get the help you need.

Quality of Your Team

The quality of your medical and legal teams will affect your future life – which is why you want to choose medical and legal professionals who care about your outcome.

What Will this Cost? And Who Will Pay?

The cost of this medical team is part of your claim and is usually covered by your financial settlement – and is money well spent. We cover these expenses out of our own funds, and wait until your case is over for repayment. Call us if you have questions.