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Download A Layman's Guide to ICBC Part 7 Benefits


Part 7 Accident Benefits with Raj Dewar

In this seminar Raj Dewar, of our Surrey office, provides an overview of Part 7 Accident Benefits, ICBC tort claims and WorkSafeBC claims:

ICBC Part 7 Accident Benefits include medical and rehabilitation coverage up to $150,000, with additional amounts for disability payments per claimant. The deadline to apply is two years from the date of the crash regardless of age. These benefits are secondary to other coverage and available for several categories: mandatory, discretionary, Total Temporary Disability (TTD) for up to 104 weeks with a maximum of $300 per week for income loss or $145 per week for homemaker benefits and Excess Accident Benefits Policy up to $800 per week. For more information on Part 7 Benefits download A Layman’s Guide to ICBC Part 7 Benefits.

ICBC tort claims are intended to provide compensation for injuries, past wage loss, loss of future earnings, future care, loss of homemaking capacity, and out of pocket user fees. The limitation date is two years from the crash date, except for infants (persons under age 19) who have two years from the date they turn 19 to file a claim. Click to learn more about infant claims.

ICBC or Worksafe BC? If you were working at time of the crash, but other party was not, then you can elect to proceed under ICBC instead of WorkSafeBC. This is recommended as you would receive compensation for your injuries and losses under an ICBC tort claim, as well as Part 7 Accident Benefits. Get more information about tort claims under damages here.