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Download A Layman's Guide to ICBC Part 7 Benefits


ICBC Part 7 Insurance benefits with Scott Stanley

Do you know what ICBC Part 7 (no fault) benefits are? They are benefits paid to someone who has been injured in an accident whether they are at fault or not.

These benefits include:

  • wage replacement benefits,
  • physiotherapy, chiropractic and message therapy,
  • and discretionary benefits (dispersed at ICBC’s discretion) which include money for rehab and other things to help assist a person who has been injured.

Insurance coverage can be an important financial resource after an accident. For people injured in a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident in British Columbia, you should know about ICBC Part 7 Benefits. Kristina Shelden, a Resource Coordinator at the Personal Injury Resource Centre sits down with lawyer Scott Stanley of Murphy Battista LLP for some answers about ICBC Part 7 (no fault) benefits.

For more information on Part 7 Benefits download A Layman’s Guide to ICBC Part 7 Benefits.