Vicki Bal

My son and I worked with Kevin Gourlay and his team. We highly recommend this uniquely qualified team that really gets things right where it counts. Here are a few reasons why: 1. From working with another firm before coming to Mr. Gourlay and his team, and hearing from others in the field, we’ve learned that many other personal injury firms have a culture of settling before trial, and hardly ever actually go to court. It seems they’d much rather push their client to accept a low settlement offer than spend time going to court. The problem is that the other side knows this, and then often has little motivation to offer a fair settlement, knowing that they’ll never have to face your lawyer in court. Mr. Gourlay and his team have lots of experience going to court, and a published track record of wins, so they have no reason to avoid going to court. This gave us peace of mind because we knew that this could really help in getting a fair out-of-court settlement, and that in the worst case scenario of needing to go to court, we’d have a team who could handle it. Things turned out wonderfully in the end. 2. It was great having a lawyer that pushed to obtain the strongest medical evidence possible. In many cases, expensive medical reports are necessary to prove the full extent of injuries. Unless you have thousands of dollars in the bank, you’ll likely be dependent on your lawyer to cover the cost until you receive your payout. And while lawyers aren’t doctors, they often play a big role in deciding what to pursue, and what not to pursue in terms of medical reports, since they’ll have to shell out for them initially. It means a lot to have a lawyer who understands your story and isn’t afraid to spend the funds needed to prove it when needed. 3. Mr. Gourlay was very approachable, easy to talk to, and always made time for us. It’s very unpleasant having a lawyer who treats you like an inconvenience, especially when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an injury claim you never wished for. Unfortunately, for some other firms that essentially operate as “settlement mills,” it’s just not worth it spending much time talking to clients–it’s a waste of time for them, as it doesn’t fit their business model of getting as many clients in and out the door, as quickly, and with as little effort as possible. Having worked with such firms before, it was a relief working with Mr. Gourlay–the difference was night and day. You can’t go wrong with this team. We’re so glad we chose them.

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