Nadia Sherry

On November 15, 2014 I had a MVA. It was a single car accident on black ice. I sustained serious injuries. At the time, even though I was not at fault, I could not find a lawyer to accept my case since according to ICBC, it falls under Part 7 only and there was no settlement to fight for.

Years went by and I suffered dealing with more than a dozen of adjusters and the frustrations of not being able to receive the treatments I needed to recover. I was very patient, and I paid huge medical expenses out of my pocket, however, I lost my patience when the last adjuster threatened to close my file before the usual legal time. I became extremely stressed with this oppressive situation and I decided to see legal advice.

While I was surfing the net looking for the Canadian Bar Association, I noticed the link to Murphy Battista LLP, and I remembered that a friend of mine mentioned positive comments about dealing with one of their lawyers, Irina Kordic. I decided to contact her.

When I sent my first email, I was impressed with the professional efficiency of her assistant dealing with my request, even on the weekend. Without delay, Mrs. Kordic responded to me and in spite of the fact that she knew that my case was not entitled for a settlement, she graciously offered me a phone consult. After I explained to Mrs. Kordic my situation, she did not just stop at offering her professional comprehensive advice, but she also offered to take on my case and represent me in front of ICBC….at NO COST!!! I was in a state of disbelief…….not only that she gave me the consult I was hoping for, but she also exceeded my expectations by offering to take on my case for free. During the past four years, I did not find this exceptional professional and compassionate behaviour among any firm or with any lawyer.

The good news did not stop here……….Mrs. Kordic invited me to her office and she generously offered to meet with me in person and also to take from me two big files to review. I felt I was treated as a valued human being, something that I did not experience in relation to the ICBC case for the past four years. For the first time, I found a professional who offered me instantly respect, compassion, trust, and understanding.
Mrs. Kordic’s attitude and treatment gave me also hope, not as to win my case, but hope that there is a law firm that is interested not just in the business but in people as human beings.

As a mature professional who suffered many losses as a result of the MVA, it was important to me to find a lawyer who would listen to my story and coach me with sincerity and trust; in fact, this to me was even more important than whether I will be able to get my rights from ICBC or not.

I highly recommend approaching Mrs. Irina Kordic at Murphy Battista, if you ever have to deal with ICBC, right from day one. She is motivated, knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, a good listener, with a generous willingness to walk with the client the extra mile. She is proud of her commitment to her profession and that is why she practices and cherishes her human and professional ethics.

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