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Flood and Theft Claims

Protect Your Right to Property Damage Coverage in B.C.

At Murphy Battista LLP, our lawyers act for property owners and occupiers who have suffered casualty losses of various kinds: theft, vandalism, fire, water damage or storm damage. If you encounter problems with an insurance company reluctant to pay for your losses, or if you have already received notice of a denied claim, contact us for a free consultation about your options.

We Advise People About Theft Loss Claims

One of the more frequent problems that arise in theft loss insurance claims concerns the ability of the insured to collect compensation for stolen property without clear evidence of ownership, immediate possession, or value. Relatively few people maintain a detailed inventory of household goods with photos, model numbers and purchase receipts. Our lawyers know how to gather and present documentation in a form that the insurer will accept or that will stand up in settlement negotiations or in court, as the case may be.

Insurance companies may also deny claims and cancel coverage for fraud if they suspect a so-called ”inside job” or other collusion between the insured and an alleged thief or burglar. In some cases, there will be evidence to support the suspicion of fraud, but in others, the threat of cancellation and prosecution is a tactic meant to frighten the insured into a low settlement.

The lawyers at Murphy Battista use their experience with the proof of disputed and denied claims under a variety of insurance policies to help our clients call an insurer’s bluff. We work with our own outstanding investigators to counter allegations of fraud whenever necessary.

Distinguishing Between Excluded Flood Damage and Covered Casualty Losses

Flood insurance is not typically available in B.C. Most homeowners are at little or no risk of flooding and have no need to insure against flood, which makes the coverage too expensive even to offer to residents of the Fraser or Bella Coola valleys or the south coast of Vancouver Island.

Insurers will often initially try to deny claims resulting from water damage based on a policy’s flood exclusion. Murphy Battista LLP can investigate the circumstances of your loss to see whether the property damage you suffered resulted from another cause such as burst pipes, storm damage or faulty construction. Just because your property damage involved water does not mean that it was caused by a flood and may well be caused by something covered in your policy.

Vancouver Property Insurance Claims Lawyers

To learn more about the scope of the insurance claims practice at Murphy Battista and how we can help you, contact our office for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.