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Orthopaedic Injuries

Damages Claims Related to Broken Bones and Fractures

At Murphy Battista, our lawyers advise accident victims about their legal options for recovering compensation for orthopaedic injuries of all kinds: broken arms or legs, fractures of smaller bones in the ankle, wrist or hand; and joint injuries ranging from knee or shoulder ligament damage to severe disc herniation problems in the neck or back.

Our goal as personal injury lawyers is two-fold: first, to help our client get the best possible medical care for ensuring a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment; and second, to maximize the compensation available. Contact Murphy Battista for a free consultation with lawyers who know how to investigate and present the facts of orthopaedic injuries.

The legal team that our firm assembles for you analyzes and presents the evidence that will show the effects of your accident in terms that make sense to ICBC adjusters or at trial. Our experience with orthopaedic injuries can help accident survivors deal with the challenges of physical, emotional and financial recovery from such medical conditions as:

  • Single or multiple fractures
  • Fractures in combination with other injuries such as brain trauma or soft tissue damage
  • Broken bones in children such as those suffered in bicycle or pedestrian accidents
  • Broken bones suffered by elderly persons
  • Injuries to the neck or back from whiplash to disc herniation
  • Severe strains, sprains or tears of knee, ankle, wrist or shoulder joints
  • Complex orthopaedic and neurological disorders such as cubital or carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome

At Murphy Battista, our approach to client service goes beyond the recovery of medical expenses, lost income and compensation for pain and suffering. We also help clients and their families meet the personal and emotional challenges of adjusting to life with a serious injury or a permanent disability. We will help relieve the anxiety and uncertainty that develop when you suspect that your injuries have not been thoroughly identified or when your pain symptoms are not being taken seriously by others.

To learn more about the ways we assist clients across the range of their legal, medical and personal needs, contact us for a free consultation.