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School Accidents

Protecting the Interests of Children Injured Through Accident or Negligence

The personal injury lawyers at Murphy Battista LLP work with parents whose children have suffered serious injuries during accidents on school grounds or during school outings or trips. Our expertise with the proof of complex injury claims together with our thorough understanding of insurance law, can help ensure that your child receives the best possible medical treatment and continuing care for the full range of physical, psychological and developmental problems resulting from an accident.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding our experience with the successful resolution of serious accident cases involving children and schools. Examples of the kinds of cases we handle include:

  • Serious injuries at playgrounds, gymnasiums, skating rinks or swimming pools
  • Accidents at community centres during school-sponsored events
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving buses or vans carrying students to or from outings or school events
  • Swimming, diving, boating or drowning accidents related to school events

Claims for compensation involving injured children present specific challenges. First, the developmental impact of various injuries to children can be difficult to immediately assess. As a result, it may take longer to obtain a reasonably certain prognosis for recovery from medical professionals. Next, many children suffer emotional, cognitive or behavioural consequences in the aftermath of a traumatic accident, which might present more serious problems for the child than the physical injury. Finally, in the most serious injury cases, projecting the impact of an injury on a young person’s educational and career prospects can be especially difficult.

B.C. Lawyers for School Accident Claims

Murphy Battista has decades of experience in complex personal injury and wrongful death litigation. We focus on helping individuals and families realize the most complete recovery possible in the aftermath of an accident. If you need advice about your legal and practical options following an injury to your child at school or a school-sponsored event, contact us for a free consultation.