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Murphy Battista in the News

Shoddy Post-Accident Car Repairs and Your Rights

March 8, 2018

Shoddy Car Repairs

Scott Stanley talks to Go Public’s Rosa Marchitelli about your rights when it comes to post-accident vehicle repairs. Scott’s take: be proactive and take charge of your claim. Don’t assume your insurance company will make it right, do your research and your due diligence on repair shop options, and be prepared to negotiate what repairs are done and the quality of replacement parts used. The issue of footing the bill for rectifying substandard repairs was the situation facing a Saskatchewan couple and the subject of this recent cautionary tale from Go Public:…/b…/truck-insurance-repairs-sgi-1.4557422.

Medivac Hero Life Insurance Denial Places Insurance Contract Disclosure Front and Centre

March 5, 2018


Scott Stanley spoke with Global News Anchor and Consumer Reporter Anne Drewa about the recent case involving life insurance denial by The Co-operators for Matthew Cochlin, a 30 year veteran of the BC Ambulance Service, Infant Transport Team and co-owner of Executive Air Ambulance.

Scott is counsel on the case that involves the nature of disclosure requirements in insurance contracts. Here, Mr. Cochlin was forthright about his status as a smoker and paid higher life insurance premiums as a result. Mr. Cochlin died at age 54 from esophageal cancer, leaving behind a young family. His life insurance company denied his widow’s claim. The insurer took the position that the claimant’s efforts to address workplace stress and deal with his snoring were not disclosed and that this amounted to non-disclosure of material facts that operated to void his life insurance. We think this is a bad decision.

Read the full interview here.

Scott Stanley discusses the impact of waivers with CTV in the wake of a fatal accident at Richmond Trampoline park

January 26, 2018

Scott Stanley — Waivers

Murphy Battista LLP lawyer Scott Stanley discusses the impact of waivers with CTV Vancouver reporter David Molko, in the wake of a fatal accident at the Richmond Trampoline park earlier this month. This sad event serves as a tragic reminder to be aware of the rights you may be signing away when you sign a waiver in BC. Full CTV story here.

Scott Stanley representing plaintiffs in civil suit against Ivan Henry.

October 20, 2017

“When the criminal justice system fails you, and any other legal forum fails you, they really have no choice but to resort to their own civil claim,” says Stanley. “Not because they want money, but because they want justice.” Murphy Battista LLP’s Scott Stanley interviewed by CBC about representing the women suing Ivan Henry in civil court: