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Injuries on School Field Trips - How Can You Avoid Your Child Getting Hurt
Murphy Battista
October 12, 2018

Injuries on School Field Trips – How Can You Avoid Your Child Getting Hurt

Children love school field trips. They are a chance to get out of the classroom, explore and educate themselves on the world around them, all while enjoying a day with their friends. Often field trips are outdoors and can involve potentially dangerous activities like kayaking, hiking, or swimming, and unfortunately, accidents can happen.  These activities…

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Personal Injury Contingency Fee Agreements
September 3, 2018

Personal Injury Contingency Fee Agreements

What is a Contingency Fee Agreement? A Contingency Fee Agreement (CFA) is a contract between a law firm (or lawyer) and the client in a case where legal fees are payable as a percentage of the amount recovered as damages. Under a CFA, the legal fees are payable only if the case is successful. This…

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You’ve Been in a Cycling Accident Involving a Motor Vehicle – What do you do?

  As we escape the throes of winter, not only do we welcome warmer sunny weather but so do the nation’s cyclists. However, with beautiful weather, bicycle accidents are at their peak. ICBC estimates that 160 cyclists are injured every month from May to October. Recently, cyclist Anthony Floyd was involved in a collision when…

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Okanagan Woman Features Keri Grenier's Insights
Murphy Battista
September 14, 2016

Okanagan Woman Features Keri Grenier’s Insights

Keri Asks: What is a Woman’s Worth? Okanagan Woman features Keri Grenier’s insights on how the courts are determining a woman’s worth in personal injury law cases. In the post, she outlines the “aspects to a woman’s claim that are often unique or tend to play a more prominent role.” Carefully highlighted in the commentary,…

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