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December 3, 2019


Murphy Battista

Holiday Parties: Liability and Your Responsibilities as a Host and a Partygoer

Holiday Parties: Liability and Your Responsibilities as a Host and a Partygoer

T’is the season of the holiday party. The time of year when there is lots of cheer (and beer). However, as fun as holiday parties can be, they can also lead to a legal nightmare. With the recent legalization of cannabis, hosts won’t only be concerned about the liability risks…

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April 1, 2015

Kevin Gourlay

Kevin Gourlay

Kevin Gourlay Discusses Liability for Stanley Park Causeway Tragedy with CBC Anchor Andrew Chang

I was recently asked to sit down with Andrew Chang of the CBC to discuss the 2013 untimely death of Antonina Elzbieta Skoczylas. Ms. Skoczylas tragically passed away after being struck by a bus while cycling on the Stanley Park causeway. This week it was announced that Ms. Skoczylas’ family…

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April 2, 2014

Kevin Gourlay

Kevin Gourlay

Liability of “Common Carriers”

Reasons today from Mr. Justice Abrioux in Bideci v. Neuhold, 2014 BCSC 542, a case involving the liability of common carriers.  The case arose from injuries suffered by a 93-year-old man who fell when a bus driver pulled out from a stop before the plaintiff had a chance to exit. The…

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March 7, 2014

Kevin Gourlay

Kevin Gourlay

Gambling Losses Recoverable?

Reasons today on a case where the plaintiff was suing for the $78k she lost at a couple casinos while she was a participant in the voluntary self-exclusion program – people with gambling problems can sign up, have their picture taken, and are supposed to be kept out of the…

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