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Distracted driving kills. It's #Notworthit. Join the Campaign.
April 5, 2017

Distracted driving kills. It’s #Notworthit. Join the Campaign.

As personal injury lawyers we are reminded on a daily basis that distracted driving is a huge problem in our wired world and one that is costing lives. Distracted driving: the statistics and the neuroscience Distracted driving is now responsible for more motor vehicle deaths than drunk driving. The neuroscience shows that drivers are distracted…

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What Is A "Reasonable Offer to Settle" - Kostecki v. Li, 2015 BCSC 1356
August 4, 2015

What Is A “Reasonable Offer to Settle” – Kostecki v. Li, 2015 BCSC 1356

Reasons today from Mr. Justice Schultes to deal with costs following a trial where the plaintiff was awarded $49,000. The plaintiff had made two formal offers to settle, the first for $45,000 and the second for $30,000, and was seeking double costs. When considering whether to award a successful plaintiff double costs or deny an…

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Kevin Gourlay Discusses Liability for Stanley Park Causeway Tragedy with CBC Anchor Andrew Chang
April 1, 2015

Kevin Gourlay Discusses Liability for Stanley Park Causeway Tragedy with CBC Anchor Andrew Chang

I was recently asked to sit down with Andrew Chang of the CBC to discuss the 2013 untimely death of Antonina Elzbieta Skoczylas. Ms. Skoczylas tragically passed away after being struck by a bus while cycling on the Stanley Park causeway. This week it was announced that Ms. Skoczylas’ family is taking court action and…

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A Former Quarterback's Concussion Experience
October 27, 2014

A Former Quarterback’s Concussion Experience

Kevin Kolb is an NFL quarterback best known for his time with the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals.  He is now 30 years old and is not on an NFL roster this year having been released by the Buffalo Bills in March. In a Sports Illustrated story last week, Kolb writes of his experience with concussions….

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