March 10, 2021

J. Scott Stanley

I have seen insurance companies do many terrible things to people over my 25 years as a lawyer. The cruellest thing I have seen is when a disability insurer wrongly denies a claim. It is absolutely heart-wrenching to learn that a hard-working person has paid their premiums only to have an insurance company turn their back on them when they need them the most.

Valid Claims Do Get Denied

I have come to believe that some insurance companies deny valid claims hoping that a good number of folks won’t be able to afford a lawyer or will be too scared to fight with an insurance company. Here is why I believe this. I have handled over 100 disability claims, and I have been able to get the insurance companies to pay every one of these claims without going to trial. This is not a reflection of my skill as a lawyer. It is a reflection of how often they deny valid claims. If the insurance companies truly felt they were correct, then at least some of these cases would have gone to trial. I suspect the insurance companies look at all the other cases I have successfully taken to trial and know that they are now dealing with someone who will challenge their decisions at trial. I don’t play poker very often, but it sort of feels like you’re calling a bluff.

Key Takeaway

I strongly encourage people who have had their claims denied to consult with a lawyer before making a decision to walk away. Sometimes insurance companies are correct in denying claims, but I have seen many instances where they are clearly wrong. The bottom line is that folks should not just accept what an insurance company tells them. They should find a lawyer who has experience with these cases, and most lawyers will do a free consultation.

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