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Murphy Battista Personal Injury Lawyer, Scott Stanley, Talks Setting Up His Scholarship with SCI BC
Murphy Battista
October 27, 2016

Murphy Battista Personal Injury Lawyer, Scott Stanley, Talks Setting Up His Scholarship with SCI BC

The new Scott Stanley Scholarship awarded at Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) is a fresh start for those newly injured to reach greater heights.

When, Murphy Battista LLP’s personal injury lawyer, Scott Stanley, grew up in Northern Saskatchewan, his awareness of modest means was amplified. Scott’s ability in identifying the needs of people, to implement strategies and benefit those that needed it most, has been through providing access to education opportunities. Scott initially started funding a scholarship in the Saskatchewan province with another colleague and continued to provide funding on an ad-hoc basis.

Since then, Scott has worked in our team at Murphy Battista LLP alongside SCI BC, to start a post-secondary scholarship. Given his background and the work that Murphy Battista does with SCI BC and with our sponsorship of the Personal Injury Resource Centre, Scott’s new scholarship is an exciting chapter for people wanting to get their lives back and achieve things that can often be out of their reach. As Scott says: “Our firm employs people with spinal cord injuries and I see what they’re capable of doing and the contributions they’re able to make to our business and to the community.”

Scholarship recipient Pierce Pineau, left, with Murphy Battista's Scott Stanley.

Scholarship recipient Pierce Pineau, left, with Murphy Battista’s Scott Stanley. Photo credit:  Maya Pankalla, Communications Lead / Spinal Cord Injury BC

Scott recently spoke with SCI BC about the Scott Stanley Scholarship and the education opportunities it aims to provide for newly injured people. You can read more about how scholarship hopes to achieve these goals. Read the full SCI BC interview with Scott here. 


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