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Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos Don’t Mix
Murphy Battista
May 20, 2016

Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos Don’t Mix

laser hair removal

A lawsuit involving a painful burn, alleged to have been caused by laser hair removal over a tattoo, has resurrected an issue regarding the lack of regulation of the laser hair removal industry in BC.

Read the CBC story HERE

Warning for consumers re: laser hair removal

Laser hair removal devices are powerful enough to be labeled class 3 medical devices by Health Canada and are capable of causing serious burns and skin damage. Further, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC confirms that laser hair removal clinics operate in a largely unregulated environment.

A second issue raised in this case, was a claim by the salon owner that the laser hair removal procedure was being performed by medical doctors. However, it appears that neither the owner of the salon nor any employees working there are licensed to practice medicine in BC. As a result, consumers may be wise to take independent steps to verify claims that procedures are performed by licensed physicians. You can search the names of licensed physicians HERE to confirm registration and that they have not been subject to disciplinary action.

If you have concerns that someone is holding themselves out to be a licensed medical doctor when they are not, you can contact the College to investigate. This can be done anonymously. Click for more information on unlawful practice.

The dangers of laser hair removal are not new, as noted in this CBC article from 2002.




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