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ICBC Anti-fraud Campaign
February 16, 2016

ICBC Anti-fraud Campaign

This month’s INJURYwise column provides some commentary on ICBC’s recent anti-fraud campaign.

At first I thought it was just a simple news article on the top 6 fraud files handled by ICBC in 2015, but then I heard the radio ads. They call it the “ICBC Hall of Shame.” Just to be clear, there is no question that fraud is wrong, and I appreciate that it costs the corporation money. I also accept that it is important for ICBC to investigate claims they feel are fraudulent.

However, it is also a simple fact that most ICBC claims are NOT fraudulent.

If you have recently been injured and ICBC has not called you, responded to your email, or provided you with desperately needed financial assistance (i.e., you do not know how you are going to pay your next month’s bills because you are unable work as a result of your accident), I am sure you are as thrilled as I am that ICBC has chosen to invest money in advertising campaigns about fraud instead of helping innocently injured victims in need of assistance.

In my opinion, ICBC’s ad campaign is not about fraud..….”  click here to continue reading

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