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INJURYwise: Do you have to go to trial?
November 17, 2015

INJURYwise: Do you have to go to trial?

Jury Trial

INJURYwise is a monthly column that I write on personal injury matters.

This month’s column is called Trial Required?

“Do I have to go to trial?”  Is a good question, and having recently finished a nine day personal injury trial, it seemed an appropriate topic for my column.

The short answer is ‘no’, but sometimes it’s worth it to go the distance.

There is a misconception by many that if you hire a lawyer, it means that your case will go to trial. The reality is, very few claims ever do. What you see on television in terms of court time (i.e. Suits, The Good Wife, LA Law, Boston Legal, Damages, etc.) is a far cry from the real practice of law.….”  click here to continue reading

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