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Do I need a lawyer? ICBC's ad campaign...what they don't tell you.
December 17, 2013

Do I need a lawyer? ICBC’s ad campaign…what they don’t tell you.

You may have seen the new ICBC ads in a local paper, at a bus stop or online. ICBC’s new ad campaign suggests that those injured in vehicle accidents should make informed decisions about how to handle an ICBC claim. The ads encourage people to understand their rights. We couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, the ads do not mention the importance of getting legal advice as part of that process.

ICBC Ad Campaign

Screen cap retrieved November 25, 2013.

Did you know initial advice from a lawyer is often free? Most lawyers (including lawyers at Murphy Battista) offer free initial consultations because of how important it is that you know what your claim is and what your rights are. We can usually explain:

  1. Who is at fault in the eyes of the courts;
  2. What types of compensation you can expect to receive;
  3. Where that compensation will come from, and when;
  4. Possible complications related to your claim;
  5. Various receipts and mileage that should be kept and recorded for reimbursement; and
  6.  What you can expect ICBC to do.

Speaking to a lawyer does not mean you will hire a lawyer, or go to court. Speaking to a lawyer ensures you have the information you need. ICBC cannot give you legal advice and does not represent your best interests.

Contact us if you are injured.


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