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Underinsured Motorist Protection – An extra that’s worth the price of admission
Murphy Battista
April 4, 2013

Underinsured Motorist Protection – An extra that’s worth the price of admission

At Murphy Battista LLP it’s our job to constantly stay abreast of the intricacies of ICBC’s various insurance products and policies. Our depth of knowledge in this field means that we have an understanding of auto insurance that can benefit individuals prior to them actually being involved in an accident. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) and how, for only $25 a year, you can buy an additional $1 million worth of insurance for you and your family.

In short, UMP is meant to insure that you and your family are provided with coverage in instances where you are injured by someone who does not have adequate insurance. Many people are unaware that this kind of insurance exists, and in many cases insurance agents forget to offer this type of protection to drivers.

It should be noted that the standard ICBC policy includes $1 million worth of UMP coverage. However, this is often not enough money to provide adequate compensation for individuals who sustain serious injuries. Further, standard UMP only provides coverage for up to $1 million and this is not in addition to the insurance that the at fault party carries. This means that if someone who has $1 million worth of coverage injures you and you have injuries worth $2 million, you will not be able to collect any money from your $1 million UMP policy. In these circumstances, the policy is essentially rendered worthless at a time when you need it the most. At a cost of $25 it makes sense to obtain the additional coverage.

In order to receive the extra $1 million in coverage, simply ask your insurance agent to provide it to you the next time you renew your car insurance. An extra $25 a year is definitely worth the benefit of an extra million dollars worth of coverage.

If you have been injured by an underinsured motorist and you are facing the prospect of having to make a substantial insurance claim, call Murphy Battista LLP and ask to speak to one of our insurance claim lawyers. We can help.


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