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CISL 650AM's "The Law Show": a Radio Show for Personal Injury Clients
Murphy Battista
March 18, 2013

CISL 650AM’s “The Law Show”: a Radio Show for Personal Injury Clients

Joe Murphy Q.C. and Scott Stanley at the taping of AM 650's new show "You and the Law"

Joe Murphy, QC and Scott Stanley at the taping of new radio show “The Law Show”

Murphy Battista LLP Founder Joe Murphy, QC and Murphy Battista Partner Scott Stanley recently took to the airwaves to take part in the new CISL 650AM’s radio program “The Law Show”. The program is set to occur once a month, on select Sundays at 11:00 am, and is hosted by veteran radio personality Stirling Faux. Each episode will feature experienced personal injury lawyers from the Murphy Battista team discussing issues that commonly arise in insurance disputes.

The first episode of “The Law Show” aired March 10th and can be viewed on the Murphy Battista LLP YouTube Channel. The inaugural episode covered a variety of issues including: when it makes sense to contact a personal injury lawyer, what to do if you are injured and don’t have a good relationship with your doctor, and what to look for when you are in the process of hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Scott and Joe also spent time discussing the general philosophy of Murphy Battista LLP.  In particular, the two emphasized our firm’s steadfast belief in looking after the needs of our clients first; whether that means taking their case to trial or putting them in touch with the resources that they need to help them in their recovery.  Scott commented that it was Joe Murphy and Joe Battista’s client-centred approach and clear commitment to their client’s well-being that motivated him to join Murphy Battista in 2007.

Scott and Joe also took advantage of their time on the radio show to dispel the unjust notion that personal injury clients are individuals out to scam insurance companies or who are primarily interested in money. When asked if he sees a lot of unruly clients or individuals faking their injuries to make a quick buck, Joe replied simply that the personal injury clients he deals with are honest hardworking people that simply want to return to the life they had prior to their accident. Scott added that during his practice as insurance defence counsel, before he joined Murphy Battista, he saw very few situations where people were trying to scam the insurer. In fact, based on his own experience, Scott estimated that less than 1% of the insurance claims he dealt with were brought by people attempting to put-one-over on the insurer.

Murphy Battista was very pleased to be invited to work with Stirling Faux and the rest of the CISL 650AM team and look forward to working with them again on the next segment of “The Law Show” which is set to air on April 7.  Stay tuned.





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